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Saturday 08/25/2007 #648

ICHY & PMS @ O'Fallon, MO

Hash Trash:

Big Hump HHH hash #648


This hash trash is brought to you in haiku.


August twenty five

A beautiful summer day

Perfect for hash


Kansas City MO?

It seemed we were close to it

Actually O’Fallon


One-eyed Willie, who?

It was our RA Postage

Poor guy, with bad eye


By the tick tock shop

We circled and met virgin

Hottie in pink, YES!


Hares I Cunt Hear You

And the affable Peemis

Two short Harriettes


“Flashlights” they warn us

“You might need them on trail”, but

It’s five PM, hmm


It’s bright and sunny

Why would we need flashlights now?

Forewarned is forearmed


Off we go and, lo!

A check back nine right away

That was really mean


Barking dogs greet us

Angry neighbors scowl and scorn

Pack splits, both On On?


Finally on true trail

Into the woods and the creek

What fun! Any more?


Alas, the tunnel

Long, stinky, small, and spiders

Crawling, burning thighs


Are we out of dark?

Wishing we were a Hobbit

Cliff found no manhole


At long last daylight

Short Harriettes had no prob

Damn short Harriettes


On in beer stop, Yea!

Bra comparing at table

Harriettes are fun


Pack away after Hares

Sidewalk stomping, hills climbing

Not for faint of heart


On in to circle

Cold beer, significant runs

Bawdy songs are sung


Justs Cody-Tara

What a fun couple they are

Constantly groping


Lazy Ass aptly named

His van entourage includes

Pulls Rank, Meta, more


Virgin Just Kristen

Nervous, could not tell her joke

ItCHY to rescue!


And then there’s Wo Wo

Missouri breathalyzer

Made in Japan, hee!


He’s Hashshit winner

Wonder if he’ll wear that shirt

At next fam event?


Swing low sweet chariot

It’s time to eat at On After

Ethyl’s, what odd name


Peemis steals sandwich

Jesus can’t go hashing cuz

Sand volleyball playing


It’s a long trek home

Hope we make it before dawn

Just a shitty trail


Respectfully Submitted,

Ricky’s Crab Shack


Big Hump Hash House Harriers - St. Louis, Missouri - Established 1999