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Wednesday 05/30/2007 #627

Halley's Comet & Follow the Urine Trail @ Allsup, Belleville, IL

Nobody has written the Hash Trash yet...WHY ARE WE WAITING!?!?!


Metro Friendly:  Get off at Memorial Station and start running on Frank Scott for about 4 miles.  Let me know ahead of schedrule and we can work something out.
Stroller Friendly:  It can be if I give you the special map.

Notes:  We will be meeting At Allsup Inc just outside of Belleville, IL.  If it rains, I recommend not wearing my best shoes to the run.  It will not be a pavement pounder (well most of the way).

The On-After closes at 9:00 pm.  I have talked with the management and they have agreed to allow us to arrive at the restraunt after they close.  They will be serving $1.00 16oz drafts for us.

The actural address is:

300 Allsup Place
Belleville, IL  62223

Google Map Here


from Missouri.
East on I-64 or Highway 40. Cross into Illinois.  Continue on I-64 East.  (Watch for cattle in the highway.)
Take 255 South Exit Interstate at Exit for 15 East.  (I do not remember the exit number but it is exit 'A'.)  You will be passing going through 3 traffic lights until making a right on Allsup Drive.  You will Pass: A Flying J, Lady of Snows, and a Budweiser Plant.  The road also splits.  Stay on Highway 15 East.  After passing the third light look for the Allsup Drive exit on your right.  This Exit will come up on your fast so be in the right lane after passing the 3rd light.  If you see the exit ramp for Frank Scott Parkway, you have went to far.  Turn around and then approach the exit again by turning around at the 74th Street Light. 

Please NOTE:  The ONLY way to Allsup Drive is by the East bound lane on Route 15

from Belleville.
Take 15 West to the Intersection of 74th Street and 15 West.  Turn around and get on 15 East.  (Do not do a U Turn!)  Watch for Allsup Drive on your right shortly after turning around.

On After will be Amarillo Tex's Steakhouse located at 4240 West Main Street, Belleville, IL. 

In case you get lost or need further directions contact Bama Mate @ (618)593-4175 or Halley's Comet @ (304)629-9016.

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