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Wednesday 05/23/2007 #625

Puss N Boobs & Do My Butt ONE year Hashaversary @ ???

Hash Trash:

the hash headed north for the second week in a row and gathered in truman park, (our 33 president for our canadian friends who were present) in hazelwood for the one year anniversary of dmb and puss and boobs gracing us with their presence.
hashers gathered, acquaintances were renewed,  beer was drunk, hashers were groped, trail was demonstrated, then the hares were then given a 45 minute head start.
the trail very quickly moved from pavement to nothing but shiggy.  chick checks very plentiful, but g-spot, pump up the volume, and madam yuk lead the charge and the hash could not be slowed down. ( although the 5 hash halts seemed to do the trick).nearing the beer stop ho-lateral damage saw the opportunity to leave trail and cross a field where the crop seemed to poison ivy yet none the less beat whiney bitch and just chad for frb status.
lazy was there to meet us but had trouble finding the beer stop.  he blamed his navigator ,  but i am pretty certain it was the fault of the women who gave him directions.
after the beer stop,  the trail continued though suburbia eventually returning to shiggy - but this time it was pitch black.  all and all the this was the best trail  i've hashed on.  (until next week, which will  become the best trail yet.)
while everyone waited for pms and postage ( i think they were doing it in the woods) to show up and free the beer from their car, dmb worked on putting her bike back on her car.
circling up put the spot light on the usual suspects.  dfls were who you would expect - minus dmb and puss and boobs.  keyless entry somehow managed to get credit for bring 2 male virgin without even being there. when it came time for them to entertain, a few of the harrierettes moved for a better look (licka and have bob know who i am talking about) ,suffice to say there was not much to see.  hash shit nominations included cliff bangher for getting a call in circle with his ringer playing the theme to rocky.  that was wrong on so many levels.  dmb and puss and boobs ended up drinking from the plunger - by the way, hummers contributed half of whatever whiskey she was drinking to the mix -  for being themselves.
announcements were made, including madam yuk inviting one and all to the renaissance fair in warren county ( i picture meta at this for some reason) and going to off broadway friday night to see mama's ass porn play. 
for those not mentioned in this trash, next time do something memorable. 
if you can't be with the one you love,  love the one your with.

the on - after although not as crowded was great.  Runny nose, just connie, urine trail, nurse hashshit and pees like a princess - who by the way does a great job as hashflash- were entertained by pms and g-spot belting out love shack by the b-52's.  (pms sang the part of the hot chick.  g-spot sang the gay dudes line.  apparently gladheateher was supposed to be there to sing with pms, but g-spot filled in admirably. 

respectfully submitted,
douglas neidermeyer
sergeant at arms

(actually fefe sang love shack with pms and g-spot did blondie's one way or another with pms)  or not...


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