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Wednesday 04/18/2007 #618

Urine Trail & Ass Backwards & Coppus Rejectus @ ???

Hash Trash:

What a gorgeous night for a hash!  We circled in Longacre Park in friendly

Fairview Heights.  Hash celebrated the return of at least a portion of the

posse to both their senses and to the Hash.  Two Hashshits were to be

carried on trail this fine evening by DeweySexualSystem and NurseHashshit.

The most AssBackwards chalktalk in recent Hash history was presented, and

the hares fled.  Additionally, some girl got named.  There was much

rejoicing and gratitude and the blowing of whistles.




After following trail through parks and a cozy suburbia, we found

ourselves in a tree-lined, sun-bedappled medow which several of the

hashers paused to appreciate...and by appreciate, I mean pee in.  But

alas, this was not to be true trail.  The lost sheep caught up with the

rest of the flock at a large clearing that shall be named The Field of

Mortality wherein our physical and mental agility was put to the test as

we bobbed and weaved through a veritable gauntlet of CRAZED ILLINOISAN



It was at this point that the trail disintegrated into a random spattering

of one-dot checks and dead-ends as we circled numerous parking lots and

played games of Frogger with passing motorists.  Virgin hasher Just Chris was

spotted running aimlessly, yelling into his cell phone,

“jogging...JOGGING...no, like, EXERCISE.”  Tippecanoe stood stranded on a

median in the middle of the busiest street in Illinois south of Chicago,

alone, a hasher without a posse.  In the midst of what appeared to be

utter chaos, trail was found!  There was, indeed, a method to the madness,

and we jogged/leaped/skipped/ rode shopping carts towards the back parking

lot of Weekends Only were we found the Beer Stop in a secret, hidden cove.

A cove of beer.  Delightful.  In addition to liquid refreshment, we found

our three hares, Mo, Larry, and Curly, doubled over in laughter at the

poor FRBs who had run 50 yards past the beer stop and were still searching

in desperation for trail.


Trail back was thankfully straightforward, and Meta led us in a rousing

and thoroughly enjoyable and fulfilling circle.  Chips were eaten.  Beer

was consumed.  Songs were sung.  Various accusations were thrown about and

Hashshit nominations were opened.  Among the accused were KeylessEntry for

taunting us with her fashionable, yet remarkably practical Big Hump

headband/lanyard/bandeau top and ViperSnatch, everyone's favorite

mistress, for exhibiting hashlike behavior and ditching her anniversary to

come to the hash.  Ultimately, though, CliffBangHer was awarded the

Hashshit for participating in some sort of swimming competition (3rd

place!?) in what I can only  assume was a body of water and further for

his FABulously excessive use of hair product.  We swung low, and while

Hash adjourned to ShowMe's, I, along with several other Soulardians

returned, back across the river, past HolyWood (the most oxymoronic neon

sign on the East side), to our respective homes in the most dangerous city

in America.




just milinn, or as I will henceforth and forever more be known in the

hashing world,


Plot My G-Spot


Venue - Fairview Heights, IL
walker / wheel chair friendly Yes
Metro Link?  If your willing to walk a bout 3 miles.  I can provide a ride back to metrolink biker.
Longacre Park
From Interstate 64
- south on hwy 159 (St Claire Mall exit) 1 mile
- rt on longacre drive, (crispy cream doughnut intersection)
- left at first stop sign.
- left into parking lot
- look for urine mobile
On after is at Show-Me's
From 64
- south on 159 (1/3 mile)
- left on lincoln hwy (walgreens will be at intersection on rt)
- Show-me's is about 1/4 mile on rt.
Incase you get lost or need further directions, contact Follow the Urine Trail @618-604-0331

Big Hump Hash House Harriers - St. Louis, Missouri - Established 1999