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Wednesday 04/04/2007 #615

Frankie TDTPE @ ???

Hash Trash:

It all started at some parking lot behind some railroad tracks...  Trail started by getting in Viper's car with two Virgins and going to get Beer for you Wankers.  We dropped off the Beer at the Stop and by that time the Beer was starting to kick in. 

We got back to start somehow and had a Wonderful Circle (Thank you Meta!!) and Urine Trail nominated me for Hashshit for trying to pay someone to write this thing.  Well I got Hashshit. Thank you Just Milinn, Bama, and the Lovely Viper for helping me drink out of the Plunger.  It's all kind of a blur from there. I was asking around for info on what trail was like but don't remember who told me what.  Something about how "Whiney Bitch" would've liked this one with all of the shiggy and creek crossings.  Then off to the On After which was at a Bar and Bla Bla Bla Bla Bla Bla Bla Bla Bla Bla Bla Bla Bla Bla.  Then some singing then Bla Bla Bla Bla Bla. 
Told you Boys and Girls that I Suck at this.  So If anyone else wants to add anything.  Feel Freeeeeeeee
Flossit with a Faucet


Venue: Crestwood(ish) – NOT EDWARDSVILLE


Your hare for this trail:  The Amazing Frankie TDTPE

Is this trail near a metro link station?: No

Is this trail stroller/wheel chair friendly?: No. But WAIT! If you act right now, pavement pounder/shortcut/walker map directions will be provided at no additional charge!! (shipping and handling charges may apply)

MAP LINK HERE: 8500 Valcour Avenue, St. Louis, MO - 63123



From Downtown, out west, or those crossing over the Poplar – take 40 to Hanley Rd. Take Hanley SOUTH (Hanley becomes Laclede St. Rd) to Heege Rd, which is immediately past Watson Ave. Turn Left on Heege Rd. Turn Right on Valcour Ave. Go past railroad tracks and look for hashers.

From South or those crossing the JB bridge : Take 55 North to Reavis Barracks Rd. Go LEFT on Reavis Barracks Rd. Reavis Barracks Rd becomes Mackenzie Rd. Turn LEFT on Heege Rd. Turn LEFT on Valcour Ave (past Tower Tee). Go past railroad tracks and look for hashers.

On After Location: Cruisin’ Route 66 – Formerly known as Georges Route 66

7895 Watson Rd – St. Louis, MO 63119. You don’t want to miss this place, they’ve got a great cheap food menu. And last time I was there, we got some hot harriettes to sing crappy-okee!



In case you get lost or need further directions you may contact Frankie TDTPE @ (314) 496-7278

Big Hump Hash House Harriers - St. Louis, Missouri - Established 1999