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Saturday 03/24/2007 #613

I Wanna Ryder - B-day Trail @ Larson Park - Webster Groves

Hash Trash:

Boy what a great day for a hash...I just want to start off by saying Whinny
Bitch this was a real shitty trail!!!

There were about 20 hashers that turned out at Larson Park - Webster Groves
for I Wanna Ryder's B-day Trail.  We had a guest in the crowd (Smoking
Weiner) from somewhere in LA (Lower Alabama). The hares (Cliff BangHer and I
Wanna Ryder) were blessed and turned loose.

Soon after the pack was on out.  We took out across the bridge and thought
we were on trail...then the damm FRB's found a CB to the park bridge, from
there the or should I say some of the pack found trail in the creek bed, we
must have gone 15 miles in that damm creek...what a shitty trail.  The pack
some from true trail and others from the frickin road meet at the BEER STOP
outstanding!!! there we were greeted by the hares and the most beautiful
beer stop chick ever...Viper! Let me say that after watching some of you try
and hit a trash bag with empty beer cans you made the right career move,
couldn't hit water if you fell out of a boat.

The hares took off (I said off) into a dark very, very dark tunnel they were
gone! The pack took after them soon after...again I do believe that there
were SCB's that chose to take the high road you know who you are! Wankers!!!
The further we went in the creek that has now turned into a river the deeper
the water got. There was a rumor that a certain hasher had technology on
trail and at one point he lost it in the creek/river and had to go fishing
for it, but he is damm good because he found it and is happy to report that
it works like new.  As the rest of the pack took off down the ROAD! DMB,
Norman Bates, and Ass Backwards waded through the creek/river until we found trail on dry ground.

Well thanks to our hares the last BEER STOP was not that long because we
ended up in the HOOD at a park where there was two cop cars and should I say
they were not there to play on the swings. I think we gave out some of those
little cards right??? Viper I noticed they liked your ride alot!  from there
our hares took us through the nice neighborhood and back to the park ON-IN.

We circled up and had our usual infractions, lost property Bama Mate, FRB's
Ass Backwards, and Just Sarah, and if I remember the Hashshit went to Famous
Anus for wanting to marry Bama Mate. I'm sure there was more but I'm old and
can't remember that much anymore.  Swing Low was belted out by everyone and
the hash was sent in peace.

The On-After was at this posh little bar in the area...help with the name (CJ Muggs)?
We were dressed for the occasion because everyone in the place keep looking
at us. The Beer and food were great and we even had live music.  And then we
really got everyone's attention when our guest Smoking Weiner
decided to ALOUETTE our newest named hasher Red Meat Rocker...outstanding!  It was a great time but when you get right down to it just another shitty

Ass Backwards


It's I Wanna Ryder's Shiggy Infested Birthday Trail! Bring a pair of shoes and socks. You will get your feet wet.

Google Maps Link

From 40/64 To McKnight Rd. Go South for 1.5 miles, then it turns into Rock Hill go another mile and turn Right on Kirkham Then turn left at Denver. Park in the Lot.

From South East Take 44W to Berry North. Turn Right on Kirkham and Right on Denver.

From South West Take 44 E to Big Bend. Turn Left On Berry (North). Turn Right on Kirkham and Right on Denver.

From anywhere else, use the google maps directions!

The on after will be at CJ Muggs!
101 W Lockwood Ave, Webster Groves, MO

In case you get lost or need further directions, contact Cliff Bangher at 314.324.1964.


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