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Wednesday 03/14/2007 #610

McPostage O'Tramp - Green Dress Prelube @ ???

Hash Trash:

Perhaps the 610th running of the Big Hump HHH was doomed from the start. Maybe before that. As they gathered on the private land belonging to the Anheuser Busch Dynasty, security was quick to eject. We groped below the gorgeous sunset, Hare McPostage O’Tramp was off, then we moved our cars. A discrepancy led some to the front of Home De Pot, others to the rear. Course I naturally went to the rear.

After a short romp through the lovely Laumeier Scrap Yard, we crossed the interstate and promptly hit a very unfriendly CB13. Deep down to the depths of Powder Valley Nature Center did we run, overachievers blowing through the chick check that apparently was solved by an auto-hashing Viper Snatch. (Even with a Green cast and driving, she managed to get her tits out.) The more intelligent fellows spilled down the hill, over a crick to the first beer stop. To the victors went the spoils of Grolsch, hear that was c/o Mudpacker.

Such a natural setting: a pavement trail and a frickin bright streetlight illuminated these drunkards for a few minutes, before we were off again, bounding up hills, over said concrete paths and finally over a bridge, down a hill, over a bridge, and a Quality > Quantity beer stop. The DFLs were not impressed, thirsty.

Nurse Hashit took a minute to introduce Just Michelle (Meta, what catalog did you pick her out of?) to the joys of public urination, great beers were imbibed, then we were off again. It is rather a shame that the next portion of trail was a bit recycled, following the same road we originally descended into the Powder Valley.

Follow the Urine Trail and Just Zack (Can’t this guy get a name yet?) took turns carrying the second beer stop back to A.

Circle was held in full view of Sunset Hills’ Finest. The FRBs were honored, the usual suspects: CliffBangHer, HoLateral Damage and Whiney Bitch.  A notable backslider was Got to be the Butt, Bob: An old school Big Humper triumphantly returned and enjoyed the crop of new talent. Virgins were Just Hot Michelle, and Just Dave.

The aforementioned 5-0 allowed us an early dismissal from circle and across the way to O’Leary’s for the On After. While John Goodman did not make as appearance as promised, present were Hump Up the Volume, notorious auto-hasher Do My Butt, GladHeAteHer, Duzzy Cum and mystery lady, Pees Like a Princess, Hare with O’PMS, massive Canadian Dapper Sapper, and IwannaRide(in her new Jeep Compass)r.

I must give Arribas Grandes to the RA, who wrapped up circle in a timely manner before the torrential rains came. That along with the premium beer nearly made up for the fact that it was indeed…

Just another shitty trail.

-Disco Ass

PS – See all your fine bare Asses at the GDR.


START: Geyer Rd and Rott Rd

                Sunset Hills, Mo.    63127


ON AFTER:  O’Leary’s Restaurant

          3828 S Lindbergh Blvd # 118
Sappington, MO 63127

                      (314) 842-7498


Wheel chair/handi-abled friendly: not so much


Map link to start


From the Narth:

Take I-270 south

Take the I-44 exit 5A to St. Louis

Take the right fork to Watson Rd. and merge onto Watson Rd.

Turn Right at S Geyer Rd

Immediately preceding the stop sign at Rott Rd. turn left and look for hashers


From the South:
Take I-270 north
Then simply follow the same directions “From the Narth”


From the Dark Side:
Take I-44 west

Take the Lindbergh exit 277B

Turn left (south) onto Lindbergh and get into the right lane

Turn right (just past Steak n’ Shake) onto Watson Rd.

Turn left at the traffic light onto Geyer Rd

Immediately preceding the stop sign at Rott Rd. turn left and look for hashers          


If you get lost, call PMS then youse guy’s can be lost together.  314-221-5411

Big Hump Hash House Harriers - St. Louis, Missouri - Established 1999