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Saturday 01/13/2007 #596

Halley's Comet @ ???

Hash Trash:

Other than a lil chill in the air, 14 of yor finest showed up for what was probably expected to be a pretty crappy day.
Our hare Haley’s Comet provided us with what can only be described as chicken scratch for chalk talk, which can be forgiven because no virgins were in attendance, and he was off onto a slightly weather altered trail, an apparent river formed somewhere on the intended trail.
After a mile or so of shrubbery, back yards and railroad tracks Cliff Bangher finally decided to show up, actually while driving he crossed paths with the pack and joined us mid trail as we were being split in two by a friggin train.
Trail lead to a Video store where the ole giving directions to the employee to pass on technique was employed, a rather unorthodox haring technique I might add.
And it was off to the bear stop, a beautiful park which we determined to be a haven for drug dealings.  While waiting for us to arrive at the BS our hare apparently participated in some dealing of his own buy sailing off beer to the locals (a total lack of faith in our ability to drink all the alcohol ourselves)
After BS Just Jeff (I believe it was), not knowingly I’ll assume, decided to go the wrong way at a check and not come back, Mud Packer and yours truly followed.  The true trail must have been set well cause everybody showed up at circle.
At circle we were joined by Numb Buns who timed her arrival to miss the pack off and drink in the comfort of a bar until our return.
After a short circle, where nobody was named/renamed I believe we had the FRB’s in circle, and then my memory farted a little bit cause I forgot I was supposed to remember stuff shortly after I volunteered to to the hash trash.
An impromptu change for the on-after location was made at circle to across the street from the originally advertised site, at a place most remembered for 1$ margaritas.
Other than that it was just another shitty trail.
Urine Trail

And now for the Hare's version.

Chalk Talk was described very well by Meta while the Hare was in the
middle of Chalk Talk.  Meta described it as, "In my 100+ hashes, this is
the worst chalk talk ever!"  Yes it was bad... I look at it like this,
why I am I teaching hashers the markings that they will find on trails?
If they have hashed more then five times and have been to drunk to
remember the markings by that time... then they should be working on
increasing their alcohol tolerance and not be worried about the trail.
I am not going to teach children in highschool how they should add two
numbers... would I?  But yeah... it sucked... I hate doing chalk talk.
I plan to do a better job next time!  I am going to have a full Power
Point presentation with sound and animation.  Bring your 3-D glasses as
the marking are going to pop out at you.  (Sit and Spin... the trail
markings are to pop out and nothing else.)  

The Trail was a live trail.. very live.  The trail varied a lot as
rivers of water were now streaming in areas that there was no water
before.  The ice on tree limbs above was very scary... If some hasher
got hit by falling ice... no problem as we had the best pain killer
around...  Beer

Everyone wanted a short trail.. so that is what I gave them!  The first
check was with one portion leading right to Amarillo's Steak house.
Amarillo's is where the On-After would occur.  Unfortunately no hashers
ran that portion of the check.  If a hasher would have run that portion
of the trail, they would have discovered that a BJ was set right in
front of the door.  This would have been the closest that the hash would
have ever got to Amarillo's.

The hash continued on running over some railroad tracks and passing a
sign that said, "No Trespassing".  Through Citizens Park we "ran"... and
the visitors of Citizens Park were very surprised to see us.  While
running past a car parked in a secluded area, a mark was set that caused
the occupants to curse at the Hare.  I think he said something like,
"How the Hell can I join you?" or maybe it was, "What the hell are you
doing here?"  Not know what he said.. I assumed it was the later so I
told him "Hashing of course!"  Off I went... knowing that the hash will
be having a great view in about 15 minutes if they are on trail.  This
was a true "Tit Check".  (This check could be almost as good as Do My
Butt's Tit Checks.)

Several stops occurred during trail.  One stop was at a Massage School
where hashers had to ask for directions.  While asking for directions
did some hashers stop for a Massage?  I do not know....   The hashers
were told to run to Blockbuster video.  What did the get at Blockbuster?
They got directions to the next check of course!  Did a hasher purchase
a video while they were there?  What happens at a hash... stays at a

In the door of Advance Auto was the next trail marking.  Trail then
proceeded through some scary parts of Belleville.  The Beer Stop was set
up at Memorial Park.  Cliff Banger stated that the park was known to
have several pharmacists conducting business in the park.  I personally
did not believe Cliff... but after the BS, I am a believer.  

Two young kids driving in a car approached us for some beer.  A price
was negotiated and a can was exchanged for some green paper.  The dollar
exchanged was the most wadded up, winkled, and faded dollar I have ever
seen.  It must have been kept in his shoe or something..  Before making
the exchange, I ensured that the person buying was of age.  It is funny
that he did not have a driver's license.. but only had a state issued
ID.  I later found out that he lost his license... I did not ask why.
They were happy and so were we.

Trail was promptly set again to lead back to the Start.  Through a
church parking lot we passed.  Unfortunately we saw several church
patrons going into the church for the 6:00 o'clock service.   I am sure
that they thought we were up to no good.  The marking set on the church
parking lot where holy ones though...  

At the end, Just Austin (SMB) quickly depleted any circle that we had
with his impersonation of a gas leak.  It was a really good
impersonation.  Amarillo's did not give us any specials with beer so we
decided to visit a Wing place across the street.  The place was empty
and I am sure that we were a welcoming sight to the manager.  I am sure
the employees were thinking, "Dang it... now we have to work!"  (The
place was empty.)  We were offered $1.00 Margaritas which were not worth
it.  If you got a frozen one, it was all ice.  Every Margarita took
about 20 minutes to get.  Meta was smart and ordered his second
immediately receiving his first.

Circle was to be held in the restaurant but due to other things going
on... it never happened as much as Meta tried.  Good Job Meta.


The Trail for Saturday January 13, 2007 will be taking in Bell-Vegas on
the West side.   Pack will be "meeting" at 3:00 o'clock.  Away at 3:30.

Walkers are welcomed.  Strollers can be done on the walking trail.  If
you run, bring some old shoes. 

The meeting place will be a closed Dairy Queen on West Main Street in
Belleville.  The on-after will occur at Amarillo Steak House on West
Main.  Amarillo has some

Yahoo Map:

     From Belleville:
Take West Main.
DQ will be on your left a few lights after passing Fletchers.

     From I-64/Hwy-40
Travel East
Take Illinois Exit #9
Make a Right
Proceed approx 5-6 lights
Left onto West Main
The hashers will be meeting at the DQ on your right after several
traffic lights (~9).  The DQ is located on the right shortly after
passing the intersection of West Main and North Belt West.

Incase you get lost or need further directions, contact Halley @ 304-629-9016

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