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Wednesday 10/25/2006 #578

I Wanna Ryder & Meta Arsehole - World Series Hash @ Soulard

Hash Trash:

Due to the cardinal game, hash # 578 started an uncharacteristic 30 minutes early. 

Where the "F---" are the hares (Meta Arsehole and I Wanna Ryder).  Why of course, sitting on their duffs, (in a cowardly way I might add) inside Molly's spared from the elements.  To my surprise Dapper Sapper was bellied up to the bar along side them (are we ever gonna get rid of his ass).  Lucky for the hares not that many "Justs" were to show that evening.

 At circle Just Keith got quite the rise when he realized he was the only "Just" to show prior to the hares taking off, this Viagra effect lasted a short time due to the late arrival of Just Cassie (TBNL) on what was promised to be a marathon of a trail.

The trail took a turkey-eagle split about a block into the run.  I guesstimate the eagle trail was maybe a mile, highlighted by one-time FRB Just Keith missing an unmistakable true trail arrow,  I think he did it on purpose out of frustration from still just being a “Just”.  Because of this yours truly received FRB honors.

The only thing I recall hearing about turkey trail was Lazy Ass commenting on a hash halt which must have seemed like an eternity considering he had five harriets all to himself.

The beer stop / on-in was on the 2nd floor of Molly’s where we had the luxury of having our very own bar/bartender who I’ll call Just Courtney if for nothing else, simply for having the fortune of being in our presence that evening.  The 2nd floor was lacking a restroom, however nobody really paid it any mind unless they happened to be walking under the outdoor stairway.

During circle Lazy Ass was awarded his 25 cranium band, Just Cassie gave a rather PG version of the anointing process, I now propose a 10 drink minimum for future anointments. 

Many thanks go out to Do My Butt for we now know every thing we would possibly want to know about Just Cassie (formally christened Hummers Para Libre moments later) with the exception of what color of underwear she would be wearing the next day and her favorite vegetable.

Just John made an appearance at the end.

All in all it was a shitty night for another shitty trail and, oh yeah, the game was rained out.


SPECIAL START TIME Meet at 6:00 pack away 6:30 SHARP
Hares: I Wanna Ryder and Meta Arsehole 


Location: The parking lot at Molly's in Soulard 816 Geyer 314-241-6200
(corner of 9th and Geyer)
Map Link
There will be a very short token trail followed by watching the World
Series in the upstairs lounge at Molly's.  They are holding the room for
us so we need to be prompt.

Good News/Bad News:
  Molly's does not serve food.  However you can bring
food in with you or call out to one of the local restaurants and they
will deliver.  Menus are available.

Directions: If you tell directions like Soulard residents; one bar's
proximity to another, Molly's is next to Norton's and across the street
from 1860's.
For non-Soulard residents:

From the South:
Take 55 north and exit at Gravois and Russell.  Turn
right at the end of the ramp onto Russell.  Take Russell to 9th street
(Hammerstone's is on the corner) Turn left on 9th, go 2 blocks to Geyer
and turn right, Molly's parking lot is on the corner on your right.

From the North or Illinois:
Take 55 south from Downtown exiting at 7th
street.  At the end of the ramp turn left and continue until just before
the big church and turn right on Geyer.  Molly's is at the end of the
second block on your left.

From the West: 
Take 40 to the 14th street exit, turn right at the end
of the ramp and go to Chouteau.  Turn left and continue past Nestle
Purina to 7th street, turn right on 7th street (Eat Rite is on the
corner)  Take 7th until just before the big church and turn right on
Geyer.  Molly's is at the end of the second block on your left.

Call Meta if you get lost 314-393-2072

Metro Link? No
Wheel Friendly? Yes
Dog Friendly? No

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