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Saturday 10/14/2006 #576

End Of The Summer Bash Hash @ Kirkwood Park

Hash Trash:

Wow, it's the end of the summer already. I didn't even get my storm windows off the house. Oh well, instead of spending this great day doing boring ass house work, I'm headed to the hash.

Who wants to spend all day cleaning up, doing laundry, and washing dishes anyway? Not a hasher. I thought about looking at the directions to the start, but that would have been pointless. They were clearly written by a very disturbed person. But as luck would have it, most of us are disturbed also and a baker's dozen made it to the start.

After a quick chalk talk and explanation that we'd be needing climbing gear, rappelling skills, and train dodging abilities, the Hares were away. We stood around for a while waiting for the rest of the directionally challenged hashers to show and finally were away.

Shiggy? Was there any? I don't remember because we first came across a totally decomposed carcass of some dog/deer/coyote type of animal. I think we were in Kirkwood, but it seemed more like Colorado with the amount of hills and scrambling up and down cliffs we had to do.

Making it to the beer stop we found some other hashers that decided to join us. Sure, they missed most of the fun, but there was still another beer stop awaiting us.

After a short trail, we discovered the Turkey beer stop and we were jealous. We didn't have to do this Shiggy infested trail after all? After a promise of only a mile left to go, the Hares were away again with at least a 15 minute head start.

As we came to another cliff TwoFurlongShlong started up the hill using a newly placed rope to help him climb. It was so new actually that the Hares were still trying to tie it off to the tree.

Right on their tail we finished up a long train track run and found the Beer stop at Kirkwood park.

The circle was a little blurry, but Just Rick was asked all about his nicknames, sexual exploits, and eating habits. He explained that only his niece's call him Ricky and he hates that name. Mistake #1. He also revealed to us that his fondness for seafood had led him to meet a beautiful girl at the most exclusive seafood restaurant in the Midwest. They spent many nights together eating and sharing their love for eating our friends under the sea. It just so happens that they fell in love and after consecrating their newly formed relationship, he discovered she gave him the crabs.

Editor's note: It was 18 YEARS AGO!!!!

So he will be forever known as ..... Ricky's Crab Shack.

All in all it was just another SHITTY TRAIL!

Cliff Bangher


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