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Saturday 09/23/2006 #572

Lazy Ass & Bama Mate & Famous Anus @ Creve Coeur

Hash Trash:

Chapter 1 – Scribe Wakes Up

It was a cold and stormy morning when I, your humble scribe awoke on Saturday. Lazy Ass, Bama Mate, and Famous Anus are going to have their work cut out for them.

Chapter 2 – Pre-Hash

So the weather held off, and the Saturday Hashers began to gather. Just glancing around, I was frightened, at first, of all the carnies and munchkins that were swarming the circle. It took a while, but I realized that they were really just hasher-offspring. Both of the two-legged and four-legged varieties. RA Meta Arsehole promptly got things started. Whiney B!tch and Just John down-downed for being FRBs, and Just Jeff showed up with hashit in tow, now donning a nut sack and a lug nut. I smell a theme, here.

Due to an unprecedented “crossing of the line,” a re-naming was in order. And seriously, there really is no evidence that Just Licia is a slut, per say. So new questions were posed of Just Licia and Just Frank. We learned that Just Frank defiled the steps of a church by doin’ it there, TWICE, with a neighbor girl. And we couldn’t get past Just Licia’s oral fixation. We were left to ponder the discussion for the length of the hash.

On to the blatantly uninformative chalk (chalk?) talk. With the haphazard tossing of some ginormous marks, it’s a wonder anyone almost got lost . There were some witchy ways, some chick checks, and unbeknownst to us at the time, a serious layout of hills, especially for a hare in a wheelchair! The hares still suck . . .

Chapter 2.5 – The Hash

Plugging away on freakishly short legs, PMS and I, DMB barely found the Turkey/Eagle split. We recruited Just Keith and his dog, Just Ally to be used as scouts for any questionable terrain. It seemed like a good plan until JK and JA led us two unsuspecting hashers straight into the Eagle trail where we were practically trampled by all the racist Eagle hashers.

Chapter 3 – The Beer Stop

Longest. Beer Stop. Evah. Several hashers got wet. Only one inflatable toy was harmed. General Beer Stop activities. Viper Snatch and Lazy A$$ snuck away, and when they returned, Viper was muttering something about Lazy getting laid in his condo . . .

And we were off again.

Chapter 4 – Unlikely FRBs

I can’t report on the slackers, but I know PMS and myself were FRB’s. With Whiney and Just John at a distant second. It’s true! I swear! I was all like, “Wow! We’re FRB’s! Those chumps are too slow for us! Neener neener!”

Chapter 5 – Circle

The sun was high when circle commenced. PMS and Viper were de-loused (PMS’s head, and Viper down below). The Fart Family made an excellent showing (Fartfignugen, Pussy Fart, Sneaky Fart and Skid Mark). Down-downs were downed for new shoes, birthdays, having references to ‘booty’ in names, and other things this scribe can’t remember. The sun was setting and Meta showed no signs of slowing down, so the scribe had another beer.

Just Licia and Just Frank went off to play on the swings, which gave us perfect opportunity to talk about them behind their backs. Just Licia was re-born, and will forever be known as Lick A Good Neighbor. If any hasher can get through that without singing it, I’ll do your next down-down. Just Frank shall heretofore be known as Sexorcist. You can’t just DO IT on the steps of a CHURCH and not have that stick. (Ladies, if you think you might have a demon, Sexorcist has a few ideas on what to do about that . . .)

Finally, hashshit was awarded to Just Collin. I can’t remember what it was for, but seriously, what could it NOT be for? The boy’s been a walking hashshit contender from the get-go. And then the sun set.

Chapter 6 – The On-After

On to the on-after at the classy pool hall of magenta and turquoise. I won every game of pool I played against Duzzy Cum and PMS. If they tell you any different, they are dirty, rotten, filthy liars. Meta graced us with his presence. Just Collin played some ‘choice’ tunes on the jukebox. Bama was kicking Famous’s Anus at air hockey.

And that’s all I got. May the hash get a piece.



Your hare for this trail:  Lazy A$$ & Bama Mate & Famous Anus

NOTE – from Bama:  Come out and see what Lazy A$$ has in store for you!  This is his VIRGIN LAY!!!!!!!!!!!  Expect around 4 MILES!  Yeah 4 MILES!  That’s why we opted for a third hare!  SEE YOU THERE!  NO EXCUSES!!!!!!!

Is this trail near a metro link station?:  No
Is this trail stroller/wheel chair friendly?: Well ya, it’s my trail!!!!   DUH!

MAP LINK HERE: http://www.google.com/maps?hl=en&output=html&f=q&q=12634+Olive+Blvd++creve+coeur+mo&zoom=0&zp=DO


From MO - From I-270 and Hwy 40 take I-270 North to Olive Blvd and turn left (west). Take Olive to Barnes West Drive. Turn left at the traffic light into Barnes Jewish West Hospital.  Follow the road it leads into Millennium Park.  Look for hashers!

From IL - From I-270 at Chain-of-Rocks Bridge take I-270 west to Olive Blvd and turn right (west). Take Olive to Barnes West Drive. Turn left at the traffic light into Barnes Jewish West Hospital.  Follow the road it leads into Millennium Park.  Look for hashers!

On After Location: 

Pink Galleon Billiards & Games

1243 Castillons Arcade Plz  (Corner of Fee Fee and Olive)
Creve Coeur, MO 63141
(314) 514-0100

In case you get lost or need further directions you may contact Bama Mate @ (618)593-4175.

On On,

Your friendly Hare Raiser

Big Hump Hash House Harriers - St. Louis, Missouri - Established 1999