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Wednesday 09/20/2006 #571

Cliff Bang Her & PMS @ The Hill / Dogtown

Hash Trash:

Smile for the etcher

Because Cliff bang her’s virgin lay with PMS was too remarkable for just words and photo’s, our hash flasher chose to capture this event with the ancient art medium of stick men. Instead of drawings of horses, bison and aurochs though, she captured an unruly mob of atkin’s diet spokeshashers gone wrong.

Hashers began trickling in to the abandoned Sam’s store lot. Just Tanya brought two virgins, Just Annie and Just Jamie. Very nice. Just Suzanne decided to cum solo. Bama Mate collected most of the hash cash and Famous Anus thoughtfully accompanied her this week. Pee’s like a Princess was presented with a lovely necklace (see photo). Meta Arsehole ran circle and concluded the naming of Just Licia. She was named Cum guzzling gutter slut. Catchy, huh? More on that at Saturday’s trail.

Chalk talk was confusing but entertaining as usual (see drawing). The pack could no longer be contained. ON OUT!! We had not even uttered one ON ON, before we lost trail through a chained link fence. After much searching (hashers pointing and instructing others to go that way), Duzzy Cum pointed to a small drainage sewer. PMS and her damn midget urban shiggy!!! Disco Ass and another misguided hasher actually wallowed through the poop hole. Up and down….up and down…The Hill that is. A handful of lost eagle and turkey hashers plodded along together. An inpromtu beer stop was contemplated, but then we spotted trail and then Ahhh. BN. We were lost but all is forgiven. Good beer at the BS to boot. The harriettes drooled at the rugby practice at the BS. Do My Butt’s sister, Just Emily, revealed to the hash that their mother reminded them before they left not to drink. Wheeew…that was close. It’s a good thing we had Cuuur’s Light, Old Milwaukee, and other beer-like substances for her. Once Elbow Deep and Postage stuffed Lazy Ass in a car, hashers were off again. Just Colin made an impromptu beer stop at Nick’s. My how quickly a gladiator gets parched running for beer (see drawing). After we traversed the largest drainage sewer in St. Louis, we found ourselves standing in something resembling a circle.

Meta raised the usual accusations. Of the four virgins there, two flashed (see drawing). Ah… it’s good to be the king. Meta sang the Cleveland song for all those fortunate enough to escape the mistake by the lake. Over achievers drank for participating in the Lewis and Clark run. You ran how fast Cliff Bang Her? Viper and Cubs Suck made an appearance. Viper sold us her wares and disappeared into the night and Cubs Suck yelled hash hush for good measure. Just Sara was nominated for hashshit for being pushed around in a grocery cart by Meathead. Just John was nominated for blowing through a chick check immediately preceding the BS foiling Keyless Entry from being the FRB. Just Jeff got hashshit after losing a Trial by down down to Do My Butt (beaten by a girl) He got it for rear ending Just Jens’ car at last Wednesday’s hash without her permission. Funny, I didn’t hear her complaining.

The on-after was at Cusamano’s. We shoved our faces full of (what else) pizza and beer.

All and all, it was just another cliff bang her of a midget shiggy marathon trail.

Postage Tramp


Your hares for this trail: Cliff Bang Her & PMS

Is this trail near a metro link station?: Within about 2 miles, run to the circle if you're up for it.

Is this trail stroller/wheel chair friendly?: We’ll provide a map to the beerstop. Might be a bit hilly though.


From MO -

From Hwy 270 and 44:

Take 44 east to Jamieson (exit 284a) and turn left

Go to Arsenal and turn left
Go to McCausland and turn right
Go to Manchester and turn right
We’ll meet at 6746 Manchester Road 63139

From IL -
Take Hwy 64/40 west into St. Louis
Exit at Hampton South (exit 34c)

Take Hampton to Manchester and turn right

We’ll meet at 6746 Manchester Road 63139

On After Location: Probably Cusumano’s

In case you get lost or need further directions you may contact Cliff Bang Her at 314-324-1964 or PMS at 314-221-5411.

On On,

Your friendly Hare Raiser

Big Hump Hash House Harriers - St. Louis, Missouri - Established 1999