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Saturday 08/26/2006 #566

Bungle In The JUNGLE 5th Annual Campout/Float @ Leasburg

Hash Trash:

I think it was a great campout!!!

Some quotes that make me chuckle when I think about:

1.) Who the fu#k took my Frosty???? Some one stole my fu#king Frosty!!!!!

2.) Lets get these fu#king canoes off this mother fu#king river!!! Courtesy of Meta. (I might not have it worded correctly.)

3.) Yeah… I threw the dog. (Mud Packer admitting that the dog did not jump out of his hands.)

4.) We are going to have a better tent then you next year Halley. Heck, we are going to start building it on Monday!! (Viper and Cubs Suck)

5.) When one hasher drinks… all hashers drink. (Circle Saturday night.)

Well, I know there are others…. but I can not think of them right now.

Halley’s Comet

I'd like to send out a big fat SPANK YOU! to all of Big-Hump's mismanagement
team. What a fun weekend you put together! The food was awesome and
plentiful (and worthy of sleeping with), the site was GREAT (although
hazardous to appendages), the weather was hash-like (blame the RA, right?),
and the float was full of cowboys, wenies, inflatables, and abnormal feet.

The new songs I have learned have warped my mind on all sorts of things,
including but not limited to: Jesus, bicycles, carpet, grizzly bears, and
wooden eyes.

All in all, it was just my first shitty campout.




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Check out the Campsite Pictures
Who's Coming

Directions to Campground:

We will have signs posted.

Take I-44 west to Leasburg - exit #214 (approx. 1 1/2 hours from downtown)

Go South on H and cross over the river

Go to the first 4-way intersection and turn left on Scotia Ranch Rd.

Turn at the second gravel road on your left

Go 1/2 mile to a green gate

Go through the gate and continue one more mile to the campsite

Here are two phone numbers that you should be able to reach Just Dave that weekend

573-245-6606 - Landline

314-651-4866 - Cell

Cell phone service kind of comes and goes in that area so make sure you take the landline # with you

If you need any last minute items (like canned beer to bring in your canoe), you can get it all at Bourbon Family Center
Map to Bourbon Family Center
Exit 218 on 1-44 (Exit before the Campout Exit 214)
Located at 140 W. Pine St., Bourbon, MO 65441 - 573-732-5517 - Ask for Jerry

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