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Wednesday 11/03/2004 #429

Waldo's Pimp & Madam Yuk @ Heman Park Swimming Pool

Hash Trash:

It was a cold and rainy night. No doubt about it - this was a night when only hashers would be out in the rain. And though it was the right weather for Blows to lead trail, he was finding trail this night.

Circle was brief - an introduction of the hares and then (at the insistent urging of Duzzy -- err, the pack) they were off. It was a trail only a most experienced hasher could follow. Up the hill. Down the hill. Circle jerk. Chick checks with no chicks in the group. Run-ins with the police. Up the hil---

Oh, yeah there were run-ins with the police. It seems that an errant hare put a BJ right in front of a bar. Not in the bar, but right in front of it. Not something that bar owners generally enjoy and something that they'll call the police about. And Whiney Bitch is just the hasher to meet this angry barkeep and put race relations in that bar back by fifty years. Then he got to meet the friendly officers of University City. The rest of the pack weren't quite as willing to meet and greet our favorite civil servants so they Zenned back to the start sans Beer Stop.

The hares eventually figured out that something was amiss when the hashers didn't come for beer. Waldo met up with a very angry Whiney Bitch and gave errant directions back to the Beer Stop. You can't even trust the hares when they are trying to be helpful. Whiney Bitch eventually made it back to the Beer Stop and a short okay time was had by a few. The hares and Whiney headed back to the start to find the rest of the pack.

Circle was short and cold. Duzzy got HashIt for spurning circle. Dicksmoker and St. Auggies Boy lured the rest of the pack out of the cold and into Cicero's where a good time was had by all.

All in all it was just another shitty trail

On On,

Waldo's Pimp

Summary Run: 429 Date: 11/03/04 Location: Heman Park Swimming Pool Hare: Yuk & Waldo Hash Shit: Duzzy On-After: Cicero's


Big Hump H3,Run 429
Meet at: 6:30, pack away at 7ish
Hares: Waldo's Pimp and Madam Yuk
Venue: Heman Park Swimming Pool

Come join the hash for a Post-Election Hash. Whether your guy won or lost, we can all agree that running and drinking make it all better.

Directions: Take 40 to Hanley North. Take Hanley North to Olive. Turn right. Take Olive East. The park is on the right just past Midland.


Big Hump Hash House Harriers - St. Louis, Missouri - Established 1999