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Wednesday 09/15/2004 #418

Open @ Brentwood

Hash Trash:

commentary, recollections and other useless drivel regarding Big-Hump hash #418, 9-15-2004

even before the run began our intrepid hare (waldo's pimp) was a top candidate for hashit due to erroneous posted directions to the circle. but hashers, being good navigators, found the circle anyway. the run got started and we quickly bolted down forsythe, and just as quickly the trail went cold. most of us continued across the temporary footbridge over the metro link constuction site, but found nothing there. so we headed back across the bidge. we still found nothing. so we went back over the bridge, found nothing and returned back over the bridge again. we repeated this several times. seemed logical at the time. eventually someone picked up the trail, which headed immediately back to circle. our clever and wiley hare began his trail with a large circle jerk. i didn't mind, i was just happy to finally not be running back and forth over the bridge. that was worse than running in a circle.

the trail took us through some residential streets of clayton to the BS. after a leisurely pause we headed back, this time through the business district of clayton. i recall traipsing through some parking garages, an opening in a fence and a two-story spiral staircase before getting back to circle. all in all, just another shitty trail folks!

the circle was unusually frisky. i am not certain, but i seem to remember whiney mingling about in a skirt. i am even less certain, but a little later i believe i saw whiney running away bare-assed. anyone else catch this? or was that waldo? i can't tell them apart after four down-downs. seen one hasher-butt, seen 'em all i guess.

the on-after was at O B Clarks, where we had a pecuriarly chatty waittress named britney. she sat down with us and related most of her autobiography while letting her other customers eat cake. especially comical was a story she related about being out after curfew as a teenager. upon attempting to sneak back into her parent's house she became firmly stuck in the doggy door. we immediately recognized this as some pretty snazzy hash-like behaviour and invited this class act to come hash with us. in fact, i think "stuck in the doggy door" would make a very fine hash name. then we all told her our hash names and she referred to us by them for the rest of the evening. except she kept calling PCPorn "peas and corn", a further indication of good hasher potential. if anyone runs into her again, please encourage her to come out and hash.

that's all folks. my wrist radar clocked the trail at 4.10 miles, however i went back and forth over the bridge three times. your mileage may differ depending on how many bridge crossings you made.

blows like a freight train, 9-17-2004


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