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Wednesday 09/08/2004 #416

Open @ North County

Hash Trash:

We figured someone must have had their internal compass turned off because we never hash in North County but sure enough as I pulled into the parking lot there was our hare eagerly awaiting the arrival of the pack.
Flossit's directions to Sunset Park took us through many a foreign land but eventually safely to the parking lot. In attendance this fine evening were: Duzzy Cum, Norman Bates, Postage Tramp, PMS, Pornogenic, Meta Arsehole, Just F*cking Tom, DQ, Witty, Humptus Interuptus, Piza Ass, Lizardo, Whiney Bitch, our token virgin Just Stephanie and our hares Flossit and Just Lisa.
We circled for introductions and chalk talk, eventually departing on what our hare promised would be a shiggy filled A to B dead trail. We had been forewarned that dry shoes and a change of clothes would be in order. The warning we never received was that we would be in the woods in the ever deepening twilight and a flashlight might not be a bad idea. Oblivious to the ever increasing danger we left the pavement and entered the woods. We quickly encountered a whichy way where the trail turned left. We continued descending toward the banks of the Missouri where we enjoyed a beautiful sunset. The group voted that the park should be named Sunset Park in honor of the scenic view. Whiney celebrated the event by taking a quick dip in the river. Once we pulled his skeletal remains from the water we continued to the beer stop.
The pack refreshed with icy cold beers while we keep a watchful eye on the four wheelers we were sharing the trail with. Once refueled we tried to set out on trail. At this point the deep woods and the darkening evening conspired to confuse and bewilder Flossit. After much fruitless searching to reacquire the trail the pack fragmented. One group followed Just Lisa eventually making it to the B. The other group decided that we knew there was beer back at the A and we were fairly confident that we could follow the trail backward. Within 15 minutes the A group was safely back in the parking lot where we not only found the beloved beer but our equally beloved late cumming Hopeless. Shortly thereafter the B group drove up and the rejoicing began.
While waiting for the RA to write the criminal indictments we enjoyed some quality beer courtesy of Eatta BB. This was Pornogenic's thank you to Eatta for giving her some personal time last weekend. I don't know, and believe me I don't want to know, if that meant Eatta spent some personal time with Porno or he vacated the vicinity to allow her some personal time. Since Eatta missed the hash I guess he also missed the quality beer.
Just in time to be honored as a late cummer, Help Me I'm Wet came. Once circle began the usual crimes were celebrated. In addition to our two late cummers we honored the hares, FRB's , DFL's, birthdays, backsliders and other crimes to numerous to mention. Our hare Flossit was bestowed with the hashshit for the trail. As always a great time was had by one and all.


Big Hump Hash House Harriers - St. Louis, Missouri - Established 1999