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Wednesday 09/01/2004 #415

Open @ West County

Hash Trash:

the debut trail of mother-dead-mary-squirrel-nipple. this was a theme hash, the M*A*S*H hash. first prize goes to toxic shock for his most excellent portrayal of radar o'riley. runner ups were postage for his father mulcahy and pornagenic for her nurse.

at first i thought there was twin hares, then i realized that the strong drink was merely making me see double. anyway the trail included a loop around Mo Baptist hospital campus, to a BS in conway park, followed by a loop around the St John's hospital campus and on-in. it would have been a convenient trail to get injured on with two emergency rooms on trail. kudoes to cross dressing guard for finding and faithfully following true trail, including a trip down the parking lot elevator at St J's. the trail wound around the hospital properties walking paths, various buildings, parking garages and crossed a lot of streets. the cops kicked us out of the beer stop at conway park. we were behaving, they just had to close the park because it was dark. no arrests were made.

while on trail at MoBap i encountered a pleasant gentleman out for a evening stroll. upon seeing me running, dressed in surgical scrubs and cap and carrying a hashit, smiled and inquired as to the nature of mission. i pointed to a fluor dot that conveniently happened to be on the ground and briefly explained my quest. he laughed and applauded approvingly. then he became serious-looking and said, "but what is the plunger for?" your humble narator is rarely at a loss for words, but this time i decided to leave that explanation for another day. i politely excused myself, blew my train horn, and trotted off into the night. i believe some other hashers also encountered this kindly, but confused soul.

all in all, just another shitty trail. good job to the hare(s), mother-mash-squirrel-whatever, for your first effort setting trail. my wrist GPS clocked the trail at 3.7 miles. no injuries or missing persons reported. the weather was quite pleasant and turn-out was about twenty or so. the on-after was at the The Hive, where we were lucky enough to get seated on the outdoor deck for the rest of evening. on-on.

-Blows LAFT, 9-2-2004


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