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Saturday 08/28/2004 #414

Open @ Brentwood

Hash Trash:

A small band of hashers gathered for the latest BLOWS/Pornogenic trail. Gee, I wonder if BLOWS' Wednesday hurricane trail scared everybody else from cumming. However, when big rain drops began falling during chalk talk, those of us present began to question our sanity. Once again, out came the umbrellas and rain ponchos.

Chalk talk introduced new markings on trail...red flags. Our illustrious bad weather hare had also used red flags to mark trail and some were marked with a 'B'. These could be redeemed at the on-after for a beer of the flag finder's choice, YUM! Although, the only hasher quick enough to find the 'B' marked flags was our under 21 hasher, Toxic Shock! Gotta hand it to BLOWS for his innovative ideas.

The trail took us thru Memorial Park (very nice patch of shiggy), down a creek, past the pool and into the industrial park. MudPacker had an impromptu apple picking stop at the apple tree he found in the industrial park.

At the beer stop, half of the pack, piled into Pornogenic's car and autohashed back. Bright neon orange flour dots led the rest of the pack on-home.

Circle went on and on and on. Numerous infractions, including many for the birthday girl, Pornogenic. Three quarters of the pack members were nominated for hashshit which ended in trial by down-down between MudPacker, BLOWS, and Anthrax. BLOWS ultimately ended up with the hashshit.

Fortunately for those who braved another BLOWS trail, we were not subjected to torrential rain and tornado winds. Is it possible that BLOWS, and that's BLOWS like a Tornado, is now in the good graces of Mother Nature? We can only hope :)



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