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Saturday 08/21/2004 #412

3rd Annual Bungle in the Jungle @ Leesburg

Hash Trash:

Greetings, Big-Hump...
Cheers to everyone for a great weekend... that was, by far, one of the greatest hashes I've been to.
On the drive back, I randomly started laughing as I recapped the weekend in my head:
"How's that working for ya', Smart Guy?"

Pole Smoker
IndyScent Religious Advisor
a.k.a. #1
a.k.a. "kitten"

Well all in all it was one of the best campouts that I've been to yet. I totally agree with ya Pole. And the 1 and 1/2 hashes that I ran totally rocked. Good Job Hares!!!!!

What I'm slowly remembering..............
-All the visitors that decided to join us this year. Pole Smoker, Sofa King, Little Red Riding Wood, 3 1/2 Floppy, Chuck E Cheeks, Virgin Merry, Monet People (Hot Blood, Just Betsy, Bite Suck & Swallow and Valve Stem), Knee Pad Barbie, Too Loose to Screw, and all of the Bross family.
-Going out in the Hummer with most of the girls and getting wet and nippley. =)
-Looking over at Little Red Riding Wood Fri night and saw his crainum leaned over puking all over himself (HA) and dragging the drunk (by his belt) to the bathroom to finish puking Friday night. Yea sorry Wood that I left you there, but I had to crash.
-Onondaga, Onondoga, Onondoga!! On the river..... Coconut Canoe!
-Standing up in the canoe a little too much. Yes I have the 20 something bruises to prove it.
-Monet hashers You all Rock for bringing another Keg this year on the float.
-MUD PEOPLE!!! Norman, Help Me and EABB yellow doggie.
-Loosing my glasses and coconut bra on the river. So glad I brought an extra top Yea!!
-Just Drew and Just Wes tipping themselves several times. Dorks!
-Duzzy and Too Loose floating right past the Dave's place and going 2 miles further down than they needed to.
-Dance of the Flaming Assholes
-Fuck Shit Piss Whop Bla Bla Bitch Whore.... Yea Just Barb!
-GREAT FOOD! Good Job Auggie and Yuk and PMS!!
-The long 2 hour Fat Boy circle that was VERY entertaining. (Go Just Wes)Especially after Pussyfarts hangover hash =) Get'em Girl!!
-The Naming of Elbow Deep in a Bread Box. aka Just Stacey.
-Last but not least, the Naked Sun Bathing Sunday Afternoon on the river. Too bad no one floated by because we would've stolen their beer. OHYA!
- Yes the best campout ever!!!!!!!!!!
On On
Flossit aka "Master" not dirty little bitch....

- Fart... here there and everywhere. Naked. I had no idea. :)
- Whiney and EABB also blowing something at some point in time there along the way.
- Songs galore... particularly the long hysterical rendition of "A woman Came into the Store..," i.e, for a toy... a toy she wanted, Knee-Pad Barbie she got. Ha! I don't work there any more. And Barnacle Bill of course.... "WEELLLL...". That Pole Smoker can carry a tune can't he.
- The young Monet guy doing circles around the fire and many of you joining in. I guess circles are just in this year.
- Just Drew chucking a full beer at Jest Wes the third or forth time Just Wes dumped the canoe in a smooth, slow flowing section of the river. Way too funny.
- Chillin' by the fire.
- The tent "noises." Enough said. :)
- The massive floater in the clogged toilet. Eeew!
- The cute little beer truck.
- The S&M man. A little TMI. No, no... a lot TMI. :)
- Someone shouting, "Drew, that was my penis" at 0615 in the morning shortly after they had gone to bed and unfortunately, right about the time I got up.

My first camp out. FTMF (far too much fun).

Help Me I'm Wet


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