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Saturday 08/14/2004 #410

Open @ Soulard

Hash Trash:

Oh right, I'm supposed to write something about this hash.

We gathered in the hare's private, professionally landscaped garden. The giant, rusting star in the middle of the fountain wobbled back and forth, causing a rhythmic rushing sound. We admired the flora and swatted the fauna.

After enough people showed up, we wandered across the street for chalk talk. The hare lied, as usual.

Trail was dead, but the hare did not sweep. Instead, he drove the beer. But first he gave the walkers a great shortcut. We slowpokes bypassed much of trail. Then we had to solve two checks all by ourselves. Wow, it's been a while since that happened. Unfortunately, the second check sprouted BJs in every direction. About the time the walkers returned from the third BJ, the runners arrived. Even with all of them, the check was unsolvable. Finally, after a phone call to the hare, the hashers discovered an arrow a little ways past one of the BJs and on the other side of the street. What is up with that?

Next there was a long beer stop with no good place to pee. We had to pee on the hare's car. Finally Norman Bates and Help Me I'm Wet arrived in their dress clothes. What did they think this is, a pub crawl? They explained that they'd just finished a 40-mile bike ride. In dockers and jeans?

On for more trail. The walkers skipped most of it, again. We did pick up trail in time to see the rooster. It was a cuuute rooster. It crowed for us many times. PMS wants one. Postage is so sure. Near this rooster was a small cat. Much debate at the 2nd beer stop centered on whether the cock and the pussy were friends or whether the pussy was just playing with the cock.

Next beer stop, still no good place to pee. PMS and I had the hare move his car a little to create an impromptu pee stop. I think they gave us hashshit for that later.

For the last leg of trail, we never really found the trail. We knew the way back to the wet star fountain.

Last but not least, the on-after! Oh wait, there was a circle. Right. DQ and Witty got their hundred run mugs. Someone promptly stole dQ's and he was P.O.ed. Watch out Postage - you'd better have an excuse for why it turned up in your vehicle.

Back to that on-after topic! The hare was overruled, and the on-after took place right there on the patio. Meta and somebody went to get pizza from Joanie's. Mmmmm. We had one great big pepperoni and mushroom, a sausage and anchovy (mmmmmmmmm), a mushroom and artichoke (blame Virgin Merry), and one with green peppers, tomatoes, and jalapenos. They put TONS of jalapenos on that one. It burned us out. PMS was very excited about this last pizza at the time. Too bad she no longer remembers eating it.

Oh, and at the on-after, our faithful scouts Norman and dQ assembled a fire pit for us! Who can take some plywood, add a little sand, pile on some wood scraps, start a fire with his hand?

Between the fire and the pizza, and a bathroom with good hand soap, it was a great on-after. Flossit showed up with some strays from Texas. A good time was had by all.

But we never did name Just Stacy!

- Witty the Pregnant Hasher


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