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Wednesday 08/04/2004 #408

Open @ Clayton

Hash Trash:

The skies cleared in time for the BH4 to gather in front of the Scholar Shop in Clayton. It was an odd place to start with as many cars driving by as beers going down the throats of hashers. Buttsucker, or Buttsucker's evil twin, showed up and showed off his sexy knees. The last of the blue collar Scholar shop employees took off in her BMW in time for circle to start. An already wet Madam Yuk led us the chalk talk. It seems that the ever industrious Madam Yuk had already laid the trail, but the trail was likely already washed away. Silly hasher - planning ahead like that. And off she went.

A few beers later the pack eventually followed. Across Clayton to a check. One promising trail led into a nice neighborhood, but it was a BJ. Not to be deterred Arabian Moon and Eat a BB went zenning off trail through the nice neighborhood. Back at the check, several promising trails gave way to BJs before the pack found true trail once again.

Trail led through the Galleria parking lot and a chick check before Pornogenic led the pack across Brentwood. It was beginning to seem like a game of Frogger at this point. Trail led to another check with one trail leading behind a mattress store. Several hashers followed that trail to get a BJ. They rejoined the pack later.

True trail led up to a bridge over 170. At least we got to miss out on this level of Frogger. On the other side of the bridge was a check. Whiney and Waldo found trail and called out for the rest of the hash to follow, but the rest of the hash seemed to get stuck on the false trail. Beer Near! Trail went up a muddy hill and through some more mud to the bowling alley parking lot. Good thing Queen of the Pussies is moving soon... Postage Tramp and Stitch Bitch had enough of the mud and decided to jump the fence. Because we needed some blood on trail?

Beer Stop! At the beer stop DQ led a group of hashers in a dance through the puddles to clean off their muddy shoes. What could really clean them up is some rain which arrived just as Madam Yuk took off to lay the second part of trail. Some of the hashers hid from the unpleasant weather under the eaves of the bowling alley (Well, we're safe here. Thank God we’re in a bowling alley). Just as the group was about to take off, Arabian Moon and Eat a BB rejoined the group, fresh from their zenning retreat.

Off we went across a now-not busy Clayton (Frogger level one) and through a nice neighborhood to send the pack back to Brentwood (Frogger level five). The trail went quickly to the On-In at Queenie and Anthrax's place. Madam Yuk sent the FRBs back to tell the rest of the hash to get their cars and rejoin the group at trail's end for circle.

Circle was to take place in Queenie's garage. It took forever to start. The hashers had to negotiate with the keeper of the garage door and payer of the air conditioning to gain entrance. And the hashers had to stay in one place long enough for circle to start. But those who stayed in the garage got to see the best sides of DQ. Drinks were passed out for infractions large and small. Yuk walked away with the HashIt. And after circle ended, the hashers went upstairs to eat Anthrax's spread.



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