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Wednesday 07/28/2004 #407

Open @ Manchester

Hash Trash:

One week after Blows ‘find my bones’ run through Richmond Heights, where there were no dogs present, both Hood Ornament and Eat a BB show up with their K9 friends, but alas no bones were to be found on trail, or at least none were reported.

After a quick explanation of marking you may, or may not, find on trail for our visitor from Pennsylvania (Hand Job) the hares were off. 15 minutes later the ‘hounds’, literally, were off. Across the street and behind a building the pack came to a quick halt for across the creek lay a big fallen tree. Surely a good place for a hare to run but someone remembered the hares promising a dog friendly trail, but do you trust a hare? Just this one time, so the pack continued on, past a Keep Out Private Drive sign, through some shiggy to a fork in the trail. Whiney followed the trail across 2 bridges, up a hill, yadda yadda yadda, only to find a check back 15. After listening to someone whine, surely someone listened, we were off again, through the park, around a cemetery, through more shiggy to the beer stop in a cave. Good job guys!

After the beer stop it was back out of the woods and down into a creek. Quickly assessing the situation and realizing there was not significant reason to get wet Dead Squirrel and GottaB avoided the creek and took the more dangerous route by jaywalking across Manchester. Yeah, that’s livin’ on the edge, baby. The pack emerged from the creek only to find a circle jerk around the strip mall, and into a residential area, back down Manchester, behind the police station and back to circle.

After the run but before circle a nice woman, in her requisite west county issue Volvo, approached the group inquiring to the nature of the gathering on her parking lot. Attempting to appear civilized (a bit of a stretch, mind you) some explained that we are a ‘running’ group, and she seemed to agree until someone from within the group adds, ‘with a drinking problem’. Civilized?! Well it was worth a shot….

In circle some people (insert your name if appropriate) were called in for DFL and FRB. Late comers to circle were Dick Smith, Leather Balls and Help Me I’m Wet. Our visitor from Penn was called in to share something (2 actually) with us like a joke, song, or body part. She chose the latter (I knew I liked her) and there was much rejoicing.

In summary:
We had beer, a run, a conversation with the owner, cops stopping to watch, and exposed body parts. Yes, our job was complete, so it was on to the On After at Buffalo Wild Wings.



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