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Wednesday 06/02/2004 #394

Open @ Wash U

Hash Trash:

Everyone gathered on the top of the Wash U parking garage for tape 'n chalk talk. Or rather most of us gathered for the chalk talk. Mudpacker and Just Stacy cruised near chalk talk seemingly not able to find their way up. Queen of the Pussies gave a very detailed description of the course and asked for a 6 and a half minute lead. Damn, I didn't realize that we had to be that precise.

Six and a half minutes later we were on the trail. The trail wrapped around Wash U's campus. Up the stairs, down frat row (sorry harriets - no frat boys), past the athletic complex (nice tennis ball), and through the business school. The business folks seemed real happy to have us trotting through the corridors. The pack ran into QotP playing traffic cop at the underpass. Some of the lead runners were confused as they thought that they had caught the hare, but the hare had already laid a trail through the dorms.

Finally our tour of Wash U's campus was complete and we crossed the street to resume trail. Or so we thought. HASH HALT ................. They'll be here any minute now............... Really, we aren't a gang................ You don't have to call the cops............... The whistle is just for show............. Screw it. Let's go.

The next section of trail wound through some really expensive real estate. Just in case we didn't get to enjoy it the first, second, third, or fourth times, Queenie made sure we ran through it again. On towards Big Bend, there was an impromptu hash halt aka chick check. Once we got the chicks it was on to the beer stop.

At the beer stop the runners were greeted by the walkers. It seems that Flossit and company took the shorter path, skipping the expensive real estate for the inexpensive hammock, beer and soda route. Toxic Waste, err... Shock played catch with whatever hashers were facing his direction or sometimes weren't.

From the beer stop trail wound through some more expensive real estate and campus (yay, more stairs). Then on in to circle. Virgins Just John (Just Chris)and Just Sam (Shaven Thing) entertained us with jokes, some more successfully than others. Witty announced to the hash that she was hashing for two.

All in all it was another shitty trail.

Waldo's Pimp


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