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Wednesday 05/19/2004 #391

Open @ Clayton

Hash Trash:

Norman's Birthday trashy poem

Over the bridge and thru the burbs,
On grandfather's hash we go;
The hare knows the way
It's his birthday,
Thru the white neighborhood, oh!

Over the hills and thru the streets,
Oh, how the trail does blow!
Hash gets a helper,
From lady with Yeller,
As the hare's rear does show.

Over the byway and thru the grass,
The hare is certainly near
Oh, hear the horns honking,
I'd rather be drinking
Hurrah! Time to stop for beer.

Under the highway and by the mall,
To drink with all the strays!
Some latecomers dressy,
The rest of us messy
For this is Norman's Birthday.

Adam Doyle


Big Hump Hash House Harriers - St. Louis, Missouri - Established 1999