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Wednesday 04/21/2004 #385

Open @ Creve Coeur

Hash Trash:

Let's see... it was Wednesday, April 21. Norman and I decided to hare only because I found another bowling alley close to work. Yes, it is true, I have a real thing about bowling alleys. :)

The weather was awesome and as a result, the turn out was good. Couple a' virgins... or maybe it was one virgin, a hasher who had forgotten his name (naturally... we all do that don't we?) and a few visitors. Anyway, I'm guessing about 25 people in all.

The trail was delivered as promised. Less than 4 miles (to the beer stop) and a little of everything... some long stretches for the speedsters, some hills, some shiggy, some track, a little creek, and a real nice hole (in a fence, please... get your minds out of the gutter). BS @ Hooters. Gotta love them hooters.

The big plus for the night? A very nice police man who, once he realized we were all of age, let us continue to circle (aka unwind after a run as Porno explained) even after he received the first complaint. Or, maybe he just fell for Porno's girlish wry. Who knows.
Plus, and this is a big plus... Witty arrived in the beer truck on time... early even! And it was real good. And there was much rejoicing. And then we.... well you know, the rest of the story. :-)
The big downer? Mud Packer fell. Hard. Before he even crossed the stream. Ankle swelled to the size of his knee in a matter of minutes. Yes, I do believe he'll be auto-hashing for a bit.
The surprise? We picked up leather balls in a parking lot... he was watching his son's baseball game or something and joined in on a whim.

Memorable down-downs... All the people who have been down-under had one, and there were three of them; all the people who like it down-under, and gosh... I lost count there; PMS for an inside-out sport bra that everyone tried to convince her had to be right- sided right there in the circle; everyone who ran out-of-town the previous weekend (River to River + other events), and then the few of us who didn't run out of town the previous weekend; Buttsucker for showing some skin... yes he bared it all for this auspicious occasion (from the thigh down anyway... and you only thought he didn't have legs); Duzzy and St. Auggie's Boy because St. Auggie's Boy finally taught Duzzy something useful... how to certifiably go down; and of course, Mud Packer got one and I think the hash shit for his fall (I say I think because you know... you get forgetful that time of night).

(PMS note: Mudpacker was of course nominated, but Buttsucker was the recipient of the coveted hashshit award)

On-After @ Malones was OK... plenty of us, but he rest of the place was dead. Don't go back.

The rest of the story... Iron Lung, that tan looks awesome on you girl! PMS... what happened to your waist? You're going to disappear. And Dead Squirrel... noticed you and your man were really DFL.... Hmmm... things that make you go hmmm.

And PS, Queen of the P's gives good head. :-)

- Help Me I'm Wet -


Big Hump H3, Run # 385
Meet at 6:30 pack away at 7:00
Venue: Creve Coeur near Westport

Start Point: AMF Strike-N-Spare Bowling Lanes located at the corner of Lindbergh Blvd and Schuetz Rd. (1309 North Lindbergh, St. Louis, MO 63132). Expect less than a 4 mile trail and a BS.


From I70, take 270 south to Page Blvd (D) east to 67 (Lindbergh) south (right) to right on Schuetz or from 70, take 170 south to right on Page (west) to left on Lindgergh to right on Schuetz.

From I64 take 270 north to Page Blvd east to Lindbergh south (right) to right on Schuetz or from 64, take 170 north to Page west to left on Lindbergh (67/61) to right on Schuetz.

Map of: 1309 N Lindbergh Blvd, St Louis, MO 63132
Map here!

On After @ Malones Grill and Pub @ the intersection of Page (D) and Schuetz. Exit off 270 onto D and its very near Westport Plaza.

For more information, or if you get lost, call PMS at 314-221-5411.

You can also hear directions on the Hash Hotline at 636-230-BEER

To be added to the e-mail list for directions, e-mail PMS mailto:Hareraiser

Big Hump Hash House Harriers - St. Louis, Missouri - Established 1999