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Wednesday 11/05/2003 #349

Open @ ???

Hash Trash:

I like me some cum, er uh, I mean I like me some Duzzy Cum tail, ok, breathe deep and try again, I like some Duzzy trail…….especially when I hear the word "turkey" during chalk talk! Dabbadoo and Hostitute were welcomed back and everyone traded stories and lies with them.

While the runners gallivanted through the neighborhoods on the south side of Manchester, the walkers quickly cut across Manchester only to get lost behind Schnucks (only after we peed on the big red truck, as Duzzy had instructed us to). If only Duzzy would have seen us, he would have exclaimed, "hey you idiots, I personally told you where to go, how come you still got lost?" I think we got light headed when we bent down to pee. Hostitute went one way (it was evident that Norman had laid that whichy way) and the rest of the wankers, I mean walkers, went the other way. Pornogenic, seeing the high fence thought she had made a mistake, by not following Hostitute, until St. Auggie's Boy helped her from behind and Mud Packer helped her from the front over the fence (the rest of the night she could be heard calling for more help!!!). We ended up in someone's backyard and wandered back and forth for a while. Motion detectors kept coming on, but luckily the old man in the glassed in sun room was too busy putting a puzzle together to pay attention to a pack of crazed lunatics running through his yard!

We finally got out of that circle jerk, only to end up in another one. At least at the beer stop, we heard that the runners ended up in a circle jerk also. We continued up the street only to find a check back, damn! Mud Packer figured that it had to be across the field, so off we went. We even started running, when we heard the runners hot on our trail. It was very racist behavior, but we were taking a stand against the runners and it felt good! Up through a slit in the fence and beer was our glorious libation.

As the runners finally made it to the beer stop they were regaled with a verse of "why are we waiting". It wasn't even a walker that came up with that idea. Beer was consumed. There were several people stretching and showing off fertilization poses (what?!?) Flossit split her pants, so suddenly everyone was interested in fertilization--not shit--fertilization. Norman and Duzzy took off exclaiming that people were dying to run the second part of trail, so running through the cemetery later was of no surprise.

Back at circle the police officer kept trying to have safe sex with Duzzy. No, my mistake, it was an actual glove he was trying to give to Duzzy. I thought the length of circle was suppose to be in direct proportion to the temperature, but apparently I was shown what I should do, when caught thinking. Long circle, but the men seemed to be the bigger of the whimps this time when it came to the cold. Just Alex and Just Jeremy looked fetching in their stylish hats and Postage was off chasing goats, since he was impersonating Heidi most of the night. Dancing Queen made an announcement during points of lager, but did serenade us with two new songs, if he only would have demonstrated as he sang, we all could have left satisfied.

The on after was at Down Under, where we clogged our arteries on cheese/beer soup and beer/beer soup and beer/beer……Dick Smoker made an intoxicated appearance, Madam Yuk made a dressed up appearance, and PMS made a "just her cute self" appearance.


5 November 2003
Hare: Duzzy Cum
Big Hump H3, Run # 349
Meet at 6:30, pack away at 7ish
Venue: Des Peres
Welcome Back Hostitute & Dabadoo!!!"

Meet in front of Down Under at 1141 Colonnade Center, Manchester Rd. (314) 821-6818 Des Peres Mo.
Directions: To get they’re from hwy 270 and hwy 40, take 270 south to hwy 100 or Manchester road. Go east on Manchester for about 1/2 mile. Turn right at the 7-11 in Colonnade Ctr. and proceed to the end of the lot at the bottom of the hill to find Down Under.
Expect a 3.5 to 4.5 mile trail with light shiggy and one beer stop, LIVE
Bring a flashlight and extra clothes, as there will be lots of light and no shiggy.
For more information, or if you get lost, call PMS at 314-221-5411.

Big Hump Hash House Harriers - St. Louis, Missouri - Established 1999