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Wednesday 08/27/2003 #335

Orgy Butter @ ???

Hash Trash:

Darksiders rejoice we came to play in your neck of the woods (BFI) this time around, courtesy of our Mighty Harey Mistress of the Darkside, OButter.

Albert kindly loaned us his parking lot for our weekly Wednesday reunion. Wouldnt let us inside (would you?) but the parking lot sufficed. Actually with a dumpster and a few secluded weedy spots for those spurt of the moment potty breaks, it was great. And did I mention the boat on the tower. No one would see if they could climb into it with me :(.

The rumors about Mars and its effects must be true, (what was it about 5 away?) because all sorts of back sliders crawled out of the wood works to join us for a little hashin fun. Mop n Blow a.k.a Wino Goddess de Fuita Yummy Grape, made an appearance. Radar Love managed to get the horseshoe off his back (you should see the size of the imprint! Ouch! That must have hurt!). And long time absentee Famous Anus showed along with Bama Mate (Showed up! I know what you were thinking!). We also had two virgins. The virgins were Just Dave and Just Darrell. Just Dave was the fella that kindly loaned us a section of his beach front property during the float trip. (I hear PMS made him cum and he made Just Darrell cum, interesting little cum triangle, wouldnt you say?)

The weather was fing fantabulous. Not too hot, not too cold, but just Goldilocks right. Mmmmm, Goldilocks...whoops, back to our regularly scheduled programming. The beer was plentiful. Mmmmm, Beer...stay with it DQ, stay with it. Right, uhm, what was next? Per OGBs standard, the trail marks were pretty straight forward. No upside down BNs or backwards true trail arrows. Oh for the record, Balls of Ice gave all the BJs (this according to OGB. Hasnt she slept with PC yet?).

After a suitable amount of groping, we were ON OUT. Trail began at the smelliest GD dumpster that I have ever had the misfortune to encounter. What do you Bellvillers but in those things? PU! After a bit of confusion whre we thought the trail branched but never did, we had the scent (And how!) and then were truly off (off after the trail and truth be known off our rockers). A couple of checks later, we were in the shiggy, which was very well marked and not all that midget like (OB youre losing your touch!) and then there was a creek and after the creek, STINGING NETTLES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Only I dont know what the heck stinging nettles look like, so I didnt know what had happened)...5 feet later, stop, Itch, Itch, Itch, run 5 more feet, stop Itch, Itch, Itch, you get the picture. Thank the hashing god (what is its name this week? Bob?), the beer was near. We On INed it to the bar and I hit the restroom to try and wash off whatever the heck was making my legs itch like crazy. Ahhh, the water soothed the savage itching. Spent from the luxury of no longer itching, I headed out to nab a brew and told everyone else about my discovery.

Letting others in on the solution to the itching problem, I said Are your legs itching? They said Yes, we think we ran through some stinging nettles. I said Okay, go wash your legs off with water and they will feel better. And everyone else said Oh really? and just sat there. I guess beer was also an effective cure?

I tried to get a song going during a commercial break, but apparently most were still working out their itch or something because only a few joined into a round of "Hashers, meet the hashers"

We ON OUTed the bar and took up the trail once more. Lots of pavement this time and not too long thereafter we were back visiting Alberts place.

Once the rest of the hashers made it in, we started circle and due to the various pleasant smells OButter had introduced us to we sang her a modified version of the Shitty Trail song that goes like this.

Stinky Trail

S-T-I-N-K-Y T-R-A-I- L
Stinky Trail
Stinky Trail
OButter has laid a stinky trail
Drink it down

Crimes and Punishment:

The ones I can remember

Radar Love was nominated for hash shit for Getting it wet and then snapping it in two.

Dancing Queen was nominated for hash shit for Having phone sex in circle. And it was good! Thanks Witty!

PMS was nominated for hash shit for Telling Just Dave to meet the hash at Alberts at 4:30. (How long has she been doing this?)

Just Dave was nominated for hash shit for Listening to PMS concerning, well, anything. (I thought this nomination was kind of un-fair him being a virgin and all, but does anyone listen to me?)

There were a bunch of other nominations, so many that Postage had to close nominations before there was no one outside of the circle to vote.

Famous Anus and Bama Mate were nominated and are hash shit winners for forgetting two little but very important words
TRO JAN. Congratulations! We have another hasher on the way!

All in all, it was just another Stinky Trail!

Hash Trash by Dancing Queen


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