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Wednesday 07/23/2003 #327

Eat a Bloody Bitch @ Ballwin

Hash Trash:

Hash Trash by Just Gena!

So let's see... I think I'm writing Hash-it, but it might be hare fare??? Not sure what its called... but I know its what I recollect from 7/23/03. It was a really shitty night... the temps finally dropped into the 80's and the humidity was low... how low was it you ask??? It was so low... (well...I don't know... low)... anyway, a really shitty night. We met in a parking lot... a Dierberg's parking lot to be exact... some people... namely one virgin and one visitor were there... on time even... of course we didn't know the other was there as we were both talking to PMS about where we were... it was very confused... sort of like life sometimes. Anyway, the rest of you wanks and bimbos (that's right right?... that's what you call the men and women of the hash) arrived much closer to 7:00 which is much closer to when we actually started the ru__ing.

So yes, after a beer, we took off about 7:15... shitty start too... couldn't't even find the thing... very shitty. But then we got moving... I remember a pretty Victorian House... shitty grass... lots of shitty grass... really soft to hash in... then there were the girls in short skirts on the parade field... I noticed all the guys seemed particularly tired at this point in the hash... they all slowed down to a crawl... but I'm sure it had nothing to do with the skirts. Then finally BN!! In an empty field.

Just shitty. :-) Someone locked PMS's keys in her car, but that seemed to be a minor issue as someone else (I'll call him the body because I didn't catch his name but I certainly noticed the body) had a key. Then of course, it was all down hill to the finish.

Couple of beers... couple of sandwiches... and then it was circle time. Norman was it... the guy with legs the color of mine only hareier... or was it someone else??? said I needed to capture who did down-downs for what. So, if I can read my scratch well enough:

EABB for Haring a shitty hash Madam Yuck and Postage Stamp for PRB?? (being in front)

Norman, PC Porn and Mud Packer for DFL (How three people can be DFL is beyond me, but what do I know). Norman, Rate our Love and St. Augustine Boy for back sliding Dancing Queen I think for auto hashing (shame on you) Postage Stamp, PC Porn ad Witty for Lost Property

Just Mike for being a virgin... oh, and you should have seen "Just Mike" finish his down-down... he poured his leftovers over his "head" (Oh no... did someone say "head?") and in true non-virgin hasher form.

And Norman, Mud Packer and Justene got one for coming late (though that's no sin in my book).

And then Pencil Dick got one for 10... and I (Just Gena) was supposed to massage and caress and rub and grind the insides of thighs with this head band thing... but all I had the guts to do was tie it around his eyes... hind sight, I should have realized it was my last chance to have my way with a young hottie, but oh well... maybe there'll be a next time. :-)

And Madam Yuck got her head-band for 25 times. And though I couldn't see what PC Porn was it? was doing to her, I'm sure it felt just shitty.

And then Radar got one for 20 runs and Witty told him he looks stupid when he burps or was that farts??? And then for the big finale... Whiney Bitch got a shitty sterling mug for making 100 hashes. Wow... I wonder how many aspirin that equates to.

And then we went to the wing ding place and ate a bunch of wings. And drank a bunch of beers. Mudpacker was it (one of the young guys who smokes... and by the way, you need to quit - :-))? said he got pulled over for speeding on the way to the wing place. Not only did he get pulled over, but, when the cop asked him if he'd been drinking, he replied, "why yes officer, I've had 7 beers in the last two hours." He drove away with only a minor speeding infraction. Very lucky. But of course the mother in me says take heed my young friend... if you enjoy something... like drinking and hashing for instance, enable yourself to do it for life. Life is just too short to spend a minute of it not being able to do what you love.

So thanks you guys... for letting me cum out and play with you. I had fun. And I'll be back. Come meet me on the trails one day if you're up for a longer run... been running Chubb lately... 14 to 25 miles, but you can make it shorter or longer to suit you. And I'll have a cold beer ready for the finish.

MAJ Gena M. Bonini


Run: 327
Date: 23 July, 2003
Title: Chicken Wings in Winchester
Location: Dierbergs at Manchester & Baxter
Hare: Eat a Bloody Bitch
Hash Shit: Whiney Bitch
Beer stop: field
On-After: Buffalo Wild Wings


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