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Saturday 06/12/2021 #1625

Hareraiser Hash @ Carondelet Park

Hash Trash:

As usual the RA forgot to assign Hash Trash, so this completely factual unbiased report will be brought to you by one of the hares. The pack circled up at the northwest corner of Carondelet Park, where cautious Will We Not Die From This Anymore hugs were exchanged by the vaccinated crowd. Dos remarked, "Hey, Sweet Ho, isn't your new house near here?" to which Sweet Ho responded with a solidly believable performance of surprise. It was roughly four thousand degrees in the shade so the pack was happy to drink beer and mock church marquees until Disco blessed the hares and off they went, stalwart and brave on the hottest day of the year so far. The pack set off soon after, quickly finding a stash of Puke Halt sour apple liqueur courtesy of 2:19 and Free Mustache Ride's fabled Booze Wagon. The FRBs generously decided to wait until the walkers caught up to share their delicious, chilled bounty (which also offered a warning from the hareraiser to start signing up to hare). Trail continued on down various greenways of south city, offering an occasional breeze bringing the redolent scent of the River Des Peres. Disco discovered the fish hook and was tasked with running back through the pack to share coconut rum and peach schnapps. The pack missed a two-dotter that the hares cleverly failed to mention during chalk talk but the wanks still somehow managed to find their way to the beer/popscicles/puppers/kiddie pool stop at Sweet Ho's new digs, where Just Stephanie managed an impressive dive into two feet of water. Dogs were petted, beers were drank, neighbors were alerted to just who has moved into this quiet neighborhood, until some folks headed back to start to get cars, returning to the backyard for circle and an on-after cookout courtesy of Disco, Dewey, TSA, and Sweet Ho. The party was even blessed by an appearance by Humping Iron, who had wisely skipped trail to drink wine. Your obedient servant, S. Ho


Who wants to hare in a heat index of 102? Your hareraiser, that's who, because it's her motherfucking job. Come find friends, shade, and beer (or at least one of those) on a South City jaunt. Circle up at the northwest corner of the park near Leona and Holly Hills. $7 hash cash EXACT CHANGE OR PAYPAL, NO HUNDOS, walker/wheels friendly On-After: The Haven 6625 Morganford Rd St. Louis, MO 63116

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