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Wednesday 01/01/2020 #1606

Polar Plunge with Fuck Me Pumps & Garage @ Lake St. Louis

Nobody has written the Hash Trash yet...WHY ARE WE WAITING!?!?!



Actual recount of drunk conversation between Fuck Me Pumps and Garage a Trois in the planning of this hash:

GaT: Remember how we used to do a polar plunge every year? Like the time Cliffbangher took us into the pond at Carondelet Park and everyone waded through a foot of duck poop? Or the magical night Locknut had us jump into the Meramec by the power the plant and the water was weirdly warm?

FMP: When’s the plunge this year?

GaT: I don’t think there’s one planned. I like doing it on New Year’s Day. But it’s gotten harder to plan one since the PoPo don’t like us going into the lakes at parks. If only we had a private lake and permission of a homeowner.

FMP: <evil grin> I have just the place! And we can even warm up inside the house after if we are nice to the muggles. Let me make a call…

There will be trail, but Garage is setting it so take that as you will (This is GaT’s hometown BTW). Bring a change of clothes/swimwear for the plunge. Be aware that FMP’s muggle parents are welcoming us into their home, so you know, let’s not destroy anything. And there are other homes around so no nekkidness.

Plunge rules: We should be able to wade in from shore. We highly suggest submersion up to the neck for optimal results. If you choose not to get wet, you are required to hold towels, whiskey, etc. for the plungers – it’s only fair.

Start Location: 61 Catamaran Dr. Lake St. Louis, 63367 (Carpooling encouraged)

On After: We’ll either get pizza from the Casey’s store or pick between the TWO bars in town. Likely Jim and Deb’s Lakeside Pub as it’s really divey.

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