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Wednesday 07/07/1999 #16

Leather Balls @ Chesterfield

Hash Trash:

The Big Hump H3

Run #16


Wednesday, July 7, 1999
Hare: Leather Balls

Location: Chesterfield



Attending Hashers:  Dabadoo, Hostitute, Ditch Bitch, Dead Head & son, Norman Bates, Handi Mouth, Song bird, Arabian Moon, Just Trice, Leather Balls, Emerson Knockers, Running Nose, Just Diane, Two Heads, Whirlie Weenie, Just Head, St. Auggie’s Boy, Just Erica, Just Kandis.  Wow!  Best attendance we had to date.  Twenty attended.  The previous record for this hash was during the inaugural run on March 17th when 17 attended.  Sh*t hot!  Thanks to everyone who attended; especially those who paid!


Trail:  The beer van arrived at the starting location about 6:25 PM.  The rest of the pack arrived shortly thereafter.  We had a few un-known people, so Arabian Moon made sure everyone knew who they were. Thank you A-moon for being so sociable this time.  Keep it up.  The hare, which was Leather Balls, arrived about 7:15 pm.  He was not even sure where the trail was going to go.  He as going to set a live trail.  He had very little flour, but thanks to Norman Bates, who had a bunch on hand, LB was well prepared when he took off.  He had a 10 minute head start, then the pack started walking.  We ran a little and then had to go down a tiny hill to a very large parking lot where we ran into a check.  The walkers then caught up with the front runners.  We ran a little here and there and then discovered a really long circle jerk that seemed like a mile long.  It seemed like we were going through a jungle.  It sounded like it too.   Norman Bates was a very good sport because he made sure no one got lost and even carried Dead Head’s son on his back.  After that, we went through a little field and down a hill leading us closer to the beer stop. We kept following trail and finall we were at the BEER STOP!!!  That seemd like forever.  Our beer stop ended up to be the end of the trail, but we all walked back to the mall to do the circle.  It should be noted that the pack marked the trail very well this time for any late comers and slow people, thanks to Hostitute, however, the late comers (Dabadoo for one) didn’t even try to follow trail!  All and all it was just another Shitty Trail.  Great job LB!


Circle:  Leather Balls did the first traditional down down for being the hare.  Next, Just Kandis and Two Heads drank for being the FRBs.  Just Kandis was the FRB at the On Home and Two Heads was the FRB at the BS.  We had two virgins.  Just Erica and Dead Head’s son.  Just Erica entertained us with a joke when she came into the circle.  Arabian Moon made Just Erica come.  Just Some Kid was busy playing, so we skipped him.  Welcome to hashing!  Ya’ll come back!  Next, Emerson Knockers, Just Diane and Just Kandis drank for being newbies to the BH4.  Hope ya come back now!  Arabian Moon and Whirlie Weenie drank for something, but nobody can remember why.  Then, Leather Balls and Running Nose drank for being backsliders (not attending our last run).  Two Heads was also recognized for being a back slider.  Glad to have ya back TH!  Whirlie Weenie and St. Auggies Boy would have drank, but they didn’t arrive until later.  When they did arrive, they along with myself drank for being late cummers.  Next, Leather Balls and Handi Mouth drank for having five runs with the BH4.  Then we sang Happy Birthday to Running Nose for having a birthday last Friday, July 2nd.  Once again, Handi Mouth drank along with songbird, for having new shoes.  However, it should be noted that they did have a cup in their soe when they drank out of ‘em.  Ditch Bitch kept the hash shit award for yet another week since he didn’t have anyone to nominate for the award and since he didn’t actually carry the icon during this run. 

Hash Names:  there were three candidates for hash names.  Just Diane, Just Kandis and Just Trice.  We came up with several possibilities for each.  The group decided not to name Just Kandis yet because her hubby (Frozen Assets) wasn’t in attendance to give us the best pop on her, because this was her first with the BH4 and because she hadn’t done anything crazy enough yet to warrant a name.  During the on after, Just Kandis met the third criteria, when she got her toes sucked, but she’ll just have to wait ‘til her next run to be recognized for it.  Or should we just keep quiet about it???  The group also decided not to name Just Diane yet for the same reasons, but we came up with some awful good ideas,… he he!  Just Trice was named “Nineteenth Ho!”  She was named this because when asked where the craziest place she ever had sex at she said it was on a golf course, “and nobody even watched”, hmmm.  This may or may not stick?  It sounds like we could make her name much, much worse.  We shall see,.. he, he, he!  Then, Norman Bates was asked to drink “just because” he didn’t last week and has been so quiet lately.  However, once we got him in the circle, he also drank for accepting the appointment as “Hare Raiser”!  Welcome to the mismanagement committee Norman!


Announcements:  Our most sacred vessel, donated by Lost Meat, from Kuala Lumpur, turned up missing after this event concluded.  If you accidentally took it home with you, please attend next week and bring it with you!


There will be a BH4 canoe trip on Sat, July 24th, contact Ditch Bitch for more info.


The next St. Louis area run will be on Sunday, July 11th at Spanish Lake, at 5:00 PM.  Hostitute will be the hare.


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