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Wednesday 08/28/2019 #1580

Dewey Sexual System @ Compton Hill Reservoir Park, SE corner

Hash Trash:

Ah, the compton water tower. A sight unseen for at least like a month? At any rate, here we are, and all of us reasonably where we are supposed to be!

We had a visitor this night, so the hare proceeded to explain the trail to everyone. As it is a Dewey trail, there was no runner/walker split, but there was a turkey/eagle. There were also no chick checks, as it is a Dewey trail. Right, so blabla, introductions, off we go. (well the walkers decided to give themselves a 5 minute head start even though there is no walker trail, I guess they really wanted to get to that first check and solve it before the runners caught them and did all the work.)

Of note, we came across the first of at least two chick checks on this no chick check trail, so they were solved with the usual level of enthusiasm and swearing. Then we were such a spectacle running on Grand that a car crash was conducted in our honor. It’s fine though because although it was a hit and run rear-end collision, the victim also took off, so no harm no foul I suppose. There was a danger water check that the runners made sure to demolish before the walkers could get to it, so we were well hydrated at least. Then we all got turned around I SWEAR IT WAS A BLOWJOB 3 MARKS PERPENDICULAR TO TRAIL MEANS WRONG WAY. Well guess what it was just Dewey being sloppy with her flour bag surprise it wasn’t a BJ after all, so that was a fun 15 minute diversion. Oh yeah and there was also all this pink and purple chalk that was barely visible.

That was the good part. We had a naming at circle, Shitty Fuck. Oh did I also mention our visitor, LIFA, was from Chicago? Do you know what Chicago people bring when they visit? Malort. So of course there was malort at circle, yayyyyyyyy. I somehow was improperly chosen for hashshit due to the whole blowjob thing that a reasonable person would have agreed with me.

I don’t remember where the on-after was, probably because I had to leave because we lock the bridges into St Charles at 10pm.




Join Dewey for a probable payment pounder through The Tiffany, The Gate, and Compton Heights. Wait, are those real neighborhoods? Whatever.

Circle up at the corner of Russell and Compton Hill Pl. Expect fancy houses, construction, creepy scarecrows in dresses, and more parks than you can handle.

Nope, no walker trail, but if there's time a Turkey/Eagle might be in the mix! Also, Puke Halts, a Beer Stop, maybe some Beer Halts. Who knows, Shot Stops!?! ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE.

Meet at Compton Hill Reservoir Park, SE corner

On-After is Crafted.
Food until midnight. They were on Bar Rescue!
3200 Shenandoah Ave, St. Louis, MO 63104.

Big Hump Hash House Harriers - St. Louis, Missouri - Established 1999