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Wednesday 08/14/2019 #1577

Sweet Ho and Strap On's Bungle ReKaraokevery Trail @ Christy Park

Nobody has written the Hash Trash yet...WHY ARE WE WAITING!?!?!


Did you Bungle hard enough? Does it still feel weird to wear clothes and not read everyone's name off their necklace when you're too drunk to remember it? Or did you miss Bungle entirely and have to watch the fun from the interwebs, knowing the best fun wasn't postable? Either way, you need a recovery trail. And what better way to recover from fun but with MORE fun, this time with feeling. KARAOKE FEELINGS. Expect a fun trail with surprises that will thrill runners, rollers, and walkers alike, followed by a night of karaoke at the friendliest spot in town. No headlamp or shiggy socks required, we're gonna take this one nice and easy.

Circle-Up: North end of Christy Park
Google maps: https://goo.gl/maps/pNG7Wn5XKaNb8xq3A

On-After: Cotter's Sports Bar and Karaoke Lounge
4610 S Kingshighway Blvd, St. Louis, MO 63109
Google maps: https://goo.gl/maps/5Qe9TtCaeNsLQx3d9
We'll order food to be delivered or you can snag McDonalds from next door.

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