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Wednesday 07/17/2019 #1571

Totally Original Hash @ Sublette Park

Hash Trash:

Hash #1571 AKA The Totally Original Hash AKA Holy Shit Where Did That Rain Come From? AKA Let's Celebrate That Dewey Has Spent $5782 On Hashing went swimmingly. Nothing to see here, move along.

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA just kidding. Have a seat, grab a beer, and strap in. No no, not Strap On, he didn't show up, that smart mother fucker.

Where to begin? Oh, maybe at the beginning, where we circled up at Sublette Park for the 1004th time this year. Seriously though. It's been 3 times in a month and we ran through it two Wednesdays ago. At least the hares, Claim to Flame and Reverse Australian Shepherd, were aware of that decision. Prior to arrival, the Arch was apparently shorting out and a ton of rain was dumped in the area. The park has a pavilion, so we decide to circle there and scare the crap out of a girl taking refuge in the storm. GladHeAteHer got everyone circled up (like we aren't just programmed to stand in a circle) and we started in on chal...HOLY SHIT IS THAT HUMMERS AND PMS?...k talk. Everything seemed normal, except for about 10 Phoenix H3 marks..ahem, dollops that Shepherd added to the mix. New marks, pouring rain, same spot as past 4 hashes...yeah, nothing can possibly go wrong.

And nothing did! Except for TSA finding every Brown Bag check that was just Gatorade and Tequila with a fuck ton of salt added (Gatorade is pretty much salt, FYI, and you didn't need to add more) so that it was like a Brown Bag of nasty cum water. Thanks. Oh, and there was really no indication that the Eagle could circle jerk back to the Turkey and we just thought all the marks, sorry, dollops washed away, so that was a fun 20 minutes. Annnnnnnnd there was that part after the BS when the train the was sitting on the tracks decided to start moving and almost killed Tazed and Sweet Ho. Or that all the walkers got lost and ended up at a bar and those that did make it drove back with Stink Palm and Eye Swallow...wait, WAS that an accident? Hmmmm.

Luckily, everyone made it mostly alive back to the start. Circle was a blast, Gladdy must have been taking notes from Quarter Pound Me's cheat sheet or something. Splash and Licks gave out awards from the previous week's 69 Minutes Left trail, which included LockNut (who chose hommade empanadas) and Dewey (who got the default gift of delicious Mexican Chocolate Peanut Butter stout). Dewey also got her (yes I speak in third person, deal with it) 600 band beating out LockNut by only 3 hashes. Suck it loser.

It was a shitty trail, but fun, I guess. Hopefully Shepherd's next haring a couple of weeks from now will be better and we won't have to make him leave...oh wait.

See you at next week's #1572 AKA The 3rd Trail in the Benton Park Area in Two Weeks" Hash!


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