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Wednesday 11/21/2018 #1521

Whiney does Skanksgiving @ Olivette

Hash Trash:

Well it was a perfect day to run, mild temps, and no getting up to go to work the next day.  The hare picked a deserted,  pot holed and gravel parking lot, to circle up.   Hashers present were Disco Ass, Dazed and Confused, My Precious, Beaver Chaser,Claim to Flame, Licks and Sticks, Purdy Mouth, How do you like my Headlight now, Splash Mountain, Locknut Monster, Roadkill, and the hare Whiney.   The hare gave us his ideals about marks, he was blessed and sent away.   Some hashers noticed the hare a left a whole roll of toilet paper behind, shouting to the hare was ineffective,  so Licks takes off with the toilett paper to give it to him, ( five minutes later Lick came back, more about this later)  With about a fifteen minutes head start the Pack takes off.  Trail went South on Price, then left on Alice, and a right on Hilltop,  we made it to Olive Blvd and thru the 170 intersection to a bike path heading South, a left arrow and a BH  under the Old Bomhonne bridge, brings the pack together.  On top of the bridge Licks and Headlights solve a lady check, heading to Ruth Park Golf.  Finally we are off hard streets and running over soft grass greens and fairways.  Soon we find the hare setting up his WS winey stop, handing out homemade, and warm mulled wine, more wood trails take the pack to McKight Rd.   Once the pack makes it to Olive, we find our earlier marks leading back to the start.  Disco runs circle, and  TSA shows up to enjoy mulled wine.  Whiney explains what happened when Licks attacked him with a roll of Toillet paper.  Every one got called into circle for something. We swung low, and most of us went to on after .  Whiney bought everyone a beer,  thank you



Trail will be short, wet, and woody, so you might need a change of shoes. Also bring a flashlight since it will be dark. Or bring a fleshlight because it will be dark. 

Circle Up: 
gravel parking lot on the east side of
1340 N. Price Road
Olivette, MO 63132

Fallon's Bar & Grill
9200 Olive Blvd
Olivette, MO 63132

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