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Wednesday 10/10/2018 #1512

Tased's Pumpkin Beer 2k @ Francis Slay Park

Hash Trash:

Official Pumpkin Beer Times


1. Licks and Sticks (10:37)
2. Splash Mount'em (11:12)
3. Roadkill (DNF)

2-Person Team:

1. Claim to Flame/In Your Endo (9:58)
2. Dewey Sexual System/Stink Palm (12:40)
3. Hebrew Hammer/Pee Cock (14:30)
4. Secret Cervix/Whiney Bitch (DQ'd)

4-Person Team:

1. Just The Tick/Dick on the Table/Jalepeno Pussy (Ole)/Strap On (10:52)


It is time to spice this hash up a little bit. Pumpkin Spice that is! Welcome to the First (only?) Annual Pumpkin Beer 2k. There will be a short (1 to 3 mile) trail followed by what most will recognize as being very similar to the annual Beer/Tequila Mile. Four laps around Francis Slay Park (.3ish miles each) with a lovely Pumpkin beer consumed before each. The hares will provide plenty of Pumpkin beer for the pack, but anyone is welcome to bring their own in lieu of Hash Cash. We will have prizes for the fastest Solo and 2-Person times. You are welcome to run a 4-Person team, but that is amatuer hour and no prize will be awarded. Most pumpkin beers come in bottles, so there will be Solo cups to transfer them into. Will Splash (current Beer Mile champ) and/or Secret Cervix (Tequila Mile champ, under protest) win the most prestigious leg of the Triple Crown? Will Strap On and Locknut renew their Beer Olympic rivalry? Maybe someone new will rise to glory! You can only find out this Wednesday at Francis Slay Park. Be there and bring your pumpkin beer loving virgins.

I would recommend Cranium lamps as it starting to get dark way too damn early.

Circle Up:
Francis Slay Park
3100 McCausland Ave
St. Louis, MO 63143

Nick’s Pub
6001 Manchester Ave
St. Louis, MO 63110

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