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Wednesday 07/25/2018 #1496

GladHeAteHer @ Edwardsville, IL

Hash Trash:

Circle: Hoppe Park (Edwardsville, IL)

Hare: GladHeAteHer

RA: Sweet Ho Alabama

(In)Significant Runs: Phallus Necrosis (11), Lock Nut Monster (544)

(Very)Significant Runs: Just Bacon (10)

Beer Stop #1: Through a tunnel in a creek.

Beer Stop #2: Gladdy's House!

Hash Shit: Just Bacon (for blindfolding himself with his new cranium band and spewing beer all over himself). He flashed to get out of it so Gladdy volunteered to drink the beer + whatever Greg put in there from the bedpan.

Naming: Just Bacon will forever be known as Vomit Comet

On-After: Global Brew


Come celebrate all the finest shiggy Edwardsville has to offer and explore the long lost Mississippi River festival. I had drunkenly announced last Saturday that this would also be the 11th Annual Hobo Hash, but that was just the hashshit talking. This will just be a regular shiggy filled mess of a drunken trail.

What to expect: woods, water, poison ivy, thorns, remnants of the original Riverport, wine, beer, darkness, asphalt in the woods

Is this trail wheel, strioller, walker friendly? Probably not as there will be multiple beer stops in the woods and they are hard to get to. You can walk the trail, but I can't guarantee there will be beer left at the stops.

What to bring: $7, flashlight, change of clothes, Deet, rubbing alcohol, compass

On-After - Global Brew in Edwardsville - they don't serve food but you can bring in whatever you want or have it delivered there.

SIUE Cross Country and Bike Course
Off of N. University Road 
Just south of the intersection of N. Poag Rd. and N. University Rd.
38.810861, -89.993583 

Global Brew
112 S Buchanan St.
Edwardsville, IL 62025

Big Hump Hash House Harriers - St. Louis, Missouri - Established 1999