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Wednesday 07/18/2018 #1495

Frankie's 17th Anniversary Trail @ Crestwood

Hash Trash:

Circle: Watson Industrial Park off of Grant's Trail

Hare: Frankie the Dick-Thrusting Pussy Eater

RA: Disco Ass

(In)Significant Runs: Secret Cervix (20), Headcheese (30), PastHer Mourning Wood (66), Strap On (165)

(Very)Significant Runs: Phallus Necrosis (10)

Virgin: Just Jamie (Kibbles 'n Dicks) [joke]

Beer Stop: Our Lady of Providence parking lot

Hash Shit: Frankie the Dick-Thrusting Pussy Eater (using a dead guy as a co-hare)

On-After: Malone's


What? BH4 #1495. Frankie’s 17th analversary!

Who? Who the fuq ya think?

Where? Because Crestwood loves us, Watson Industrial Park. Meat at the parking lot that has Grant’s Trail access. 

Come one cum all for a spectacular trail of epic proportions! To the day it is Frankie’s 17th Hashing anniversary! There will be door prizes! There will be beer! There will be street magicians! There will be tacos! There will be balloons! There will be ligers! There will be strippers! Also only one of the things just mentioned are actually going to be there. Just show up, dammit. 

Circle Up: 
9375 Watson Industrial Park.
St. Louis, MO 63126
(If you look at it on google maps satellite, it’s a dirt pile, but there’s actually a parking lot there now.) 

8742 Watson Rd.
St. Louis, MO 63119

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