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Wednesday 07/11/2018 #1493

Licks 'N Sticks @ Maplewood

Hash Trash:

Circle: Francis Slay Park

Hares: Licks and Sticks, Splash Mount'em

RA: Sweet Ho Alabama

(In)Significant Runs: Just Colin (5), Just Matt (11), Just The Tick (15), Betty Cocker (66), Lack of Oxygen (85), Gay Blade (95), How Do You Like My Headlights NOW (225)

Virgin: Just Jenny (She's Still Talking...) [joke]

Beer Stop: The entire hash was a beer stop.

Hash Olympics Winners: Strap On, Tats Snatch and Ass

Hash Olympics Runner-Ups (First Losers): Lock Nut Monster, Dewey Sexual System

Hash Shit: Strokémon (for leaving us)

Naming: The Big Hump will recognize a previous naming of Just Noga who will forever be known as "She's Still Talking, I Can't Believe She's Still Talking, Like Holy Shit She Is Still Talking"

On-After: Nick's Pub

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