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Wednesday 06/27/2018 #1491

Secret Cervix @ Dogtown

Hash Trash:

Circle: Turtle Park

Hares: Secret Cervix, Just Sal

RA's: Greg LooseAnus, Stink Palm

(In)Significant Runs: Tased and Confused (122), Dos HiXXies (145), Fuck Me Rudolph (205), Stink Palm (395), Dewey Sexual System (540)

(Very)Significant Runs: Just Matt (10), Kampground Cummer (50)

Virgin(s): Just Ben (Just Noga)

Transplant: Just Noga (Chicago H3)

Visitors: Cunninglinguist (Dongguan H3), Snakesucker (Dongguan H3)

Beer Stop: Steinberg Skating Rink

Hash Shit: Secret Cervix, Just Sal (myriad of hare offenses)

On-After: Seamus McDaniel's


June 27: Just a few days shy of being half way through the year!

On this day in 1652 New Amsterdam (now New York City) enacted the first speed limit law in North America.

On June 27, 1956 Indians trailing Orioles 9-1 came back to win 12-11 in 11 innings.

On June 27, 1969 Honduras/El Salvador broke diplomatic relations due to a soccer match.

On this day in 1981, "Bette Davis Eyes" by Kim Carnes returned to the #1 slot.

On this day in 1990 Jose Canseco signed a record breaking $4,700,000-per-year Oak A's contract.

On this day in 2017 Mark Zuckerberg announced Facebook had reached 2 billion monthly users.

Finally, on this day in June 2018, the Big Hump Hash House Harriers will convene for the 1,491st trail through the rolling hills of St. Louis. And since the World Cup is one of the biggest events of the summer, let’s wear racist attire and dress up like soccer players.

That’s right, come out and support your favorite team or country. Brazil is playing this day; come out wearing green and yellow. Or, support the good ole’ US of A. Even though our boys didn’t make it this year, it’s always a good time to support ‘Merica.

Bring: Cranium lights, whistles, virgins, and world cup apparel!

Circle Up:
Turtle Park 
6400 Oakland Ave. 
St. Louis, 63139

Seamus McDaniel’s
1208 Tamm Ave. 
St. Louis, MO 63139

Big Hump Hash House Harriers - St. Louis, Missouri - Established 1999