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Saturday 06/23/2018 #1490

TSA @ Tower Grove South

Hash Trash:

Circle: Parking lot down the road from Stella Blues

Hares: Dewey Sexual System, Tats Snatch and Ass

RA: Greg LooseAnus

(In)Significant Runs: Holy Thunder Down Under (55), Tats Snatch and Ass (133), Plot My G-Spot (185), Lock Nut Monster (540)

(Very)Significant Runs: Ho-Lateral Damage (150)

Transplant: Fuckushima (Aloha H3) [wooo!]

Virgin: Just Julie (Reach-Around Rabbit) [wooo!], Just Ziggy (Fuckushima) [Yogi, Yogi]

Truck Stop/Slushie Stop: Fit Wheel Truck in the middle of Pride Fest

Beer Stop: McDonald Park

Hash Shit: Ho-Lateral Damage (spilled a beer all over Lazy)

On-After: Stella Blues


It's the final hash of the Dewey and TSA birthday trails extravaganza! We know, we know, you all think we blew our loads (?) between the last two, BUT we are ready to go again. AND there might be a pretty rad event going on in the area. Circle up at the parking lot at the end of Fyler (west of Stella Blues). Run. Drink. Bring some cash since we haven't really decided on the on-after (Geminis, amiright?) and quite a few bars are cash only, and there may be opportunities on trail to use said cash. 

Bring: Shiggy socks (check the new ones from the Haberdasherer/Hare), cranium lights, lube, pickles, birthday presents, rainbow clothing, inflatables, and glow sticks are all recommended. 

Circle Up:
Parking lot at the end of Flyer Ave., west of the intersection of Flyer and Morganford, this address will get you close:
4401 Fyler Ave
St. Louis, MO 63116 

Stella Blues
3269 Morganford Rd. 
St. Louis, MO 63116

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