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Wednesday 06/06/2018 #1486

Cum on Down Under & LockNut Monster @ Sunset Hills

Hash Trash:

Circle: Sunset Hills Plaza

Hare: Cum on Down Under, LockNut Monster

RA: Fake Bake Fuck, GladHeAteHer

(In)Significant Runs: Princess Pussy Pants (33), Betty Cocker (60), Is It InYouYet (80), Tats Snatch and Ass (130), Dos HiXXies (144), Greg LooseAnus (155), Ice Princess (199), Pee Pole' (260), GladHeAteHer (265), Dewey Sexual System (535)

(Very)Significant Runs: Headcheese (25), Cum on Down Under (received 69 band)

Virgin(s): Just Colin P. (Internet), Just Craig (PPP)

Visitor: Cunninglinguist (Dongguan H3)

Hash Shit: Whiney Bitch (TSA still hasn't told us)

Naming: Just Becky will forever be known as "Just The Tick"


So, there she was- a virgin - or Just Niki in circle wondering what in the world is hashing and who is this Lock Nut Monster guy? 

4 Years later, she's better known as Cum on Down Under! Now you get the pleasure to hash a Cum on Down Under and Lock Nut Monster trail where it all started for her! 

So here we go!

Things you might want to bring:

Shiggy Socks
Your sense of adventure to find the beer
BJ Lips (this trail isn't going to suck itself)

Circle up:

Ultimate Staffing
3660 S Geyer Rd #190
Sunset Hills, MO 63127

3828 S Lindbergh Blvd
St. Louis, MO 63127 

Big Hump Hash House Harriers - St. Louis, Missouri - Established 1999