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Wednesday 08/16/2017 #1424

ICHY & Frankie BirthdayTrail -10 yrs in the making @ ???

Hash Trash:

The forecast for the day predicted some rain in the late morning/early afternoon. Mother Nature had different plans, and the skies opened up around 4:30. Perfect timing to ruin any pre-laying done by the hares I Cunt Hear You and Frankie the Dick Thrusting Pussy Eater. Unfortunately, it also affected the attendance, seeing as everyone is terrified by the sky water, as Reverse Australian Shepherd called it.

I didn't live in the area for the trail Frankie referenced in the write-up, but I can only imagine it was equally as shitty as this one was. Fake Bake Fuck circled us up, Ice Princess collected solar eclipse glasses and then left, and we had a visitor from Houston named Son of Pill Pusher. He asked to take a picture of my wet tank top after the hash to send to someone from his kennel. Nothing weird there!

Trail started innocently enough. The rain was letting up and we soon found a family of deer in a backyard. And there was a double rainbow! It was too much nature for Cum on Down Under to handle. We continued on through the neighborhood, stumbling across Hash Halt after Hash Halt. Guess they had to slow us down from their washed away trail. We also found Whiney Bitch on trail, lucky us?

Disco Ass, Strap-On, Reverse, and Pusher lead the FRBs to many a chick-check, usually solved by Secret Cervix or TSA. Dos HiXXies and Dewey Sexual System felt like giving the pack some more time at the Hash Halts and brought up the rear. Except we forgot to wait for Claim to Flame, who found us wandering around lost in Creve Coeur Lake Park. Oopsies. Lack of Oxygen looked lost, but managed to find the Beer Stop before the beer and hares left. Not so for Purdy Mouth, who we ran into as we were leaving the park to go to the end.

Circle was run by Disco, since Fake Bake left without even doing trail. It was a 5 mile ballbuster in the humidity, and the hares naturally won hashshit. ICHY took the bed pan and Frankie attempted the sleeve. It was going well for a minute and then the choking began. I know something else* you'd be great at Frankie, wink. Purdy earned his 300 run cranium band and jacket, while Dewey got her 500th and flask. SUCCESS!

We went to the on-after and enjoyed $4.50 mugs of beer, not nachos like CODU thought. Oh, and Disco ate a taco off the floor of Hot Shots.



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