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Saturday 07/22/2017 #1419

Beaner Weaner & Disco Ass - Bike Hash (BASH) @ Berra Park

Nobody has written the Hash Trash yet...WHY ARE WE WAITING!?!?!


This trail will be a BASH (Bike Hash) so get your bike up-and-running!

If you read the news, you surely heard about the Russian kennel who meddled in the Big Hump Hash Elections. While Come On The Record won the popular vote by a yuuuuge margin, Frankie TDTPE was crowned Hareraiser. If Frankie spent as much time on getting hares for trails as he does on Twitter, Beaner and Disco would not have had to step in at the last minute and throw together what will surely be a shitty trail.

It's going to be like one billion degrees and it's the day before the STLH3 ballbuster HVW so how about a nice Bash? Tune up your bike and stuff a sock into your super-tight cycling shorts and join us at Berra Park for a cruise around our lovely but parched city. We'll try to hit some stops where we can cool down so cum prepared for us to make you wet.

We'll have a prize for whoever travels the furthest distance to bash with us.

What to bring?
  • → Virgins
  • → Bike
  • → Bike Lock
  • → Water
  • → Cash
  • → ID
  • → Change of clothes
  • → Towel
  • → Speedo
  • → Sunscreen
  • → Lube

Circle-up on the north side of Berra Park (they have a fountain for bathing)

Milo's (on The Hill)

Map to circle:

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