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Saturday 06/10/2017 #1410

Stink Palm & Eye Swallow @ ???

Nobody has written the Hash Trash yet...WHY ARE WE WAITING!?!?!


Start: 17930 old Jamestown road, 63034
Sioux Passage Park, Lenz parking lot

What: Stink Eye Trail
Where: Sioux Passage Park, Lenz parking lot
When: June 10
Why: Wtf not?!

This trail is going to be fabulous!! Lots of lush green forest, professionally marked trails, breathtaking water front views. The hares never lie....
It'll be a contender for shittiest trail of the year. We haven't even scouted yet, so we may end up sitting in the parking lot drinking beer. Maybe play some Frisbee golf or shoot some hoops.

What to bring:
Shiggy shocks
Extra shoes
Bug spray
Extra clothes
Bug spray
Extra shiggy socks
Bug spray
Bug spray
Extra beer
Bug spray

On after:

2905 Patterson Road
Florissant 63031
They are expecting us and the kitchen is open until 11pm

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