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Wednesday 06/29/2016 #1338

Greg LooseAnus & Tased and Confused @ Clayton, MO

Hash Trash:

The Basics:

Hares: Greg Loose Anus & Tased and Confused
Religious Advisor: GladHeAteHer
Virgin: Just Gina (Red Roper)
Visitors: Sesame Creep and You've Zen Fucked (Carolina Larrikins H3)
Hash Flash: Purdy Mouth
Hash Scribe: GladHeAteHer
Hash Cash: Dewey Sexual System

A magnificent pavement pounding shitty trail involving spinning around a tennis racket then racing, Apple Pucker, Elevator H3, Champagne, Clayton Craft Beer Cellar, Confused Claytonians

FRB: Go Gayhound (loves the log), various other racists
DFL: drunkards
Hashy Birthday: Kibbles 'n Dicks, Dewey Sexual System
Best New Hash Name: Splash Mount'em
MINk Attire: People who hate The Judds
Best Hash Song: Sesame Creep with that one song about Baltimore women and their vaginas
Best Virgin Joke: You've Zen Fucked - Knock Knock..something something something...boobs
Hashshit Winners: The Hares for some bullshit but the probably deserved it
Announcements: Tough Liver moved to September, hash next week is wear weird costumes to offend Dogtown facebook page, Hobo Hash in October
Swing Low

Faithfully yours in the bond of hashing,


The Premature Anniverculation of Greg LooseAnus:  It will leave you Tased and Confused


Dear Big-Hump,


     Can you flopping half-minds believe that it has been almost one year since my unceremonious appearance and joining of this disastrously amazing kennel?

     I have never had such mixed feelings…

     I do not know how I lived so long without such amazing and fun people involving me in such asshat things.  Though, I do know how I have survived as long as I have not knowing such asshat people involving me in such amazing and fun things…

     But, anyway… I know it's a bit early (hence the premature) to celebrate my anniversary of cumming (anniversary + ejaculation, that's why it is an "anniverculation"), but who gives a deuce? It's only a month…give or take.

     By this letter and with this trail, please let it be known that I have now decided to officially let you know in writing, that I consider myself and do make it known to others that I am a Hasher in the kennel known by the name of Big-Hump Hash House Harriers.  As if you didn't know this already.

     I want to also let you know what a wonderful burden it is and has been to serve, as Beermeister, such picky-ass, Whiney Bitch, unappeasable ingrates.

     Seeing that it is my early anniversary, I couldn't resist the opportunity to share this occasion with a new and upcumming hare. Tased and Confused will be laying his first trail with me!!! 

     Now I will  have somewhat of a co-anniversary on my future early ones. I will make sure to train him right…by showing him how to do everything wrong.  I know how much you all love Walker trails longer than runner trails and when a garage door that won't open is the only thing standing between the kennel and the beer.

     This trail will, also, take place in the location of my first hash, Shaw Park, and will have some resemblance (as much as my foggy memory can drudge up from that drunken point) to the Mad Hatter trail of that night.  Or maybe it was Go Gayhound? …Strap On? I don't know.  Ok, ok, it may not be anything like it at all.

No warnings of what may happen, just know we have some ideas brewing and stewing.

Be prepared……… be very prepared..*


Insincerely yours,

           Greg LooseAnus, BM, RAT, C-SM, HH, BNH, BNHN



           Tased and Confused


*Some expressions in this letter may have been dramatized, changed or added for effect.  This letter in no way reflects the thoughts or opinions of any of the parties involved. 




Shaw Park

27 S. Brentwood Blvd., 63105

South parking lot of the park, around the exit through the tunnel.




Krueger’s Bar

7347 Forsyth Blvd, 63105

Big Hump Hash House Harriers - St. Louis, Missouri - Established 1999