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Wednesday 06/22/2016 #1336

2 2 ("tutu") Hash - IP, FBH & Dos @ Southwest Garden

Nobody has written the Hash Trash yet...WHY ARE WE WAITING!?!?!


This week's hash falls on the 22nd of the month, so we're doing a "2 2" Hash.  Don your favorite tutu and join Dos HiXXies, Funny BoneHer and Ice Princess for a nice stroll thru the Southwest Garden neighborhood.

Circle up:
Schnucks parking lot (yes, we know there's a good chance the PoPo will ask us to vacate, but we won't be there long, so no bitching)
5055 Arsenal Street, 63139

What to expect:
- This is a FUN hash, not a run hash.  Plan to wear your best tutu and walk to some bars and various other alcohol stops.
- There will only be a Walkers/Wheels Trail.  So if you're one of those racists who must "get in your miles" every Wednesday, you should leave your car at home, put on your best sneakers and run to the hash start, then walk with us on the pub crawl, join us at the On After, then when that's all done, run back home. 
- This is NOT a dog-friendly trail, unless you plan to stand outside bars while the rest of us are inside drinking. 

On After:
5098 Arsenal Street, 63139

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