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Wednesday 03/02/2016 #1312

Headlights & LockNut @ St. Ann

Nobody has written the Hash Trash yet...WHY ARE WE WAITING!?!?!



Itís finally March and itís time to start preparing!  While the racists are all busy preparing for their big spring races, the hashers are getting ready for our big Spring Event: Green Dress Run!  So get off youíre a$$ and cum hash with us!  Letís drink some beers and have some fun!


St. Ann - Lindbergh & St. Charles Rock Rd Area (which is near the airport for you wanks who only hash in or near the city.)


Circle up:

Parking lot behind BS Bar, which is actually the St. Ann Community Center parking lot. Approximate address is 25 Community Center Drive, 63074




BS Bar & Grill

10471 St Charles Rock Rd

St Ann, MO 63074

No joke. The On-After is at the BS - because where else should hashers on-after at??  The BS is owned by Headlightís friend.  Stay tuned for beer specials!



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