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Wednesday 06/10/2015 #1255

Princess Pussy Pants & Beaner Wiener @ Dogtown

Hash Trash:

Best Trail I've seen! Much better than anything I could ever hope to set myself.
I found nothing to complain about.
---Whiney Bitch


Join Princess Pussy Pants on her virgin Big Hump hare experience.  She and Beaner Wiener will take you on a beer-soaked excursion through St. Louis' premier named-after-dog-eating neighborhood, Dogtown.

Bring a cranium lamp, urban shiggy socks, 7 bucks and your favorite dipping sauce.  Trail will be walker, roller and dog-friendly.

Circle up:
parking lot behind:  6691 Manchester Ave, 63139

Manchester Public House
6655 Manchester Ave, 63139

Big Hump Hash House Harriers - St. Louis, Missouri - Established 1999