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Saturday 06/28/2014 #1182

Three Inch King & Donkey Style @ Downtown STL

Nobody has written the Hash Trash yet...WHY ARE WE WAITING!?!?!


Start: by the Arch and bridge
parking lot at corner of 2nd Street & Cedar Street

Whip it out at the ballgame.....

...wave it around at the crowd (this weekends crowd will love it) ;)

Tired of the drive to the county to go hashing? Afraid of being led into shiggy full of poison ivy? Do you have a legit fear of death bridges of death?

Then come whip it out at the hash Saturday! Join Donkey Style and Three Inch King for a downtown/baseball Hash, where nothing will be straight! Limp wrists and lisps all around!

It'll short, sweet, and to the point. Plenty of drinking opportunities and a "will it fit? challenge." Prizes awarded for stag cans and larger, better prizes for tall boys and grand prizes for those who drink the beer afterwards.

Walker and relatively dog friendly.

Bring: fleshlight, unicorns, the biggest blackest cock, whistle, drinking pants, and two pairs of rainbow print thong underwear.

Virgin jokes should include the following:

What do you call a gay dinosaur?

A megasoreass.

What do you call a lesbian dinosaur?

A lickalottapuss.

On After:
O'Kelly's on Broadway

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